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Getting fit and healthy in Singapore

One of the easiest things to do in Singapore, as far as trying to be more conscious of your health, is walk. The land is mostly flat and any inclines are small and short. This isn’t a hilly country, you can see hills off in the distance, mountains even. They are in different countries. Walk, walk, walk. The MRT is super easy and cheap but everything is close, why not walk.

This is what we have decided to do. Walk. Walk to see attractions, the shops, just because we need to get extra steps in for the day. It is really nice. We used to walk a lot in Sydney, but we got bored of the same few things. Yes, we generally walk to Gardens by the Bay but the display in the Flower Dome is changing every month or so. It hasn’t gotten boring yet.

The Supertree display, I dunno, it still gets me every time and it does change as well. I think it changes a little less often than the flower dome display but I haven’t seen this one enough to get the story straight yet. It has given me a new appreciation for classical music, that is for sure. We may even like an opera, depending on how well they light it up.

Definitely love the Spectra light show when the beat drops and it changes from the slow classical to the heavy metal. We walked by it the other day, from a spot we hadn’t been to before. We watched a movie or tv show the other day where Metallica is playing – for whom the bell tolls. I do like it.

Off topic, we are going to see Metallica this year but I have been waiting and waiting to see them with an orchestra. I had to bite the bullet and just buy tickets when we could see them but seeing them with an orchestra is still on the list. Something about a solid orchestral backing and their heavy metal. Mmmm, that’s the way music should be.

Back to it, part of the reason we moved away from Sydney was to start over and lead a healthier life. We tried, going to the gym the first few weeks after arriving, but I got sick and we stopped. Having 5 weeks in a hotel kind of lead to some bad choices with food and eating out. Now though, we walk, we eat pretty healthy, eat out less, and are genuinely interested in the things we see and do. Sydney has some nice things to look at, see and do but we didn’t really ever enjoy it. Maybe we took it for granted. Life is just better here. Happier, healthier, better.

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