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Girilambone railway station rejuvenation

It was announced that the Bogan Shire won their bid for a share of the state governments drought relief package.

These funds are to bring new means of income to communities affected by the on going drought. They are not the funds for water, which is one of the major complaints from people after the win was announced.

The building is run down and while I’ve said I would buy it, it wasn’t actually ever for sale.

A lot of pessimism surrounds the announcement with most Girilambone locals believing the repairs wouldn’t happen in their life time.

Girilambone is a town of 66 people listed on the sign, though this isn’t within the town it includes those on farms within the greater limits. Also the sign has been up for many years so how many live in the town currently is less. I can count most people and I don’t need too many fingers and toes to do it.

Even if the rejuvenation never happens the announcement has seen some visitors to the town. I don’t believe they spent any money in Girilambone, the general store currently being closed and I didn’t see them head to the pub. It looks like Bourke did make some money though as they had hired a vehicle from Bourke.

If you come for a sticky beak or to write your own take on the announcement be sure to spend some money in town or at least in the region. It is dry out here with no hope of rain so anything you spend helps pay for the water that is being trucked and may soon need to be trained in.

For or against, the announcement caused a stir and for one hot minute Girilambone was on the map.

You can read the locla paper write up about it here: Nyngan Observer $1 million grant bogan shire railway stations

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