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Glass in the bed

Gah! Yesterday one of my glass bottles had frozen at the back of the fridge. Breaking the bottle. I was so sad. It was frozen though, so the glass was held together. That is, until I had the bright idea to keep the lid, as a spare.

Taking the lid off caused the bottle to split apart. Unfortunately, instead of holding the bottle over the sink or bin it was in the air over the bench. When the glass came apart, it shattered on the bench and floor.

We vacuumed, mopped, wiped down the bench, floor, adjoining rooms, everywhere. Yet, this morning, under my knee was something annoying. I reached down to move it and was stabbed. With the light from my phone I saw glistening on my finger a long thin shard of glass.

I can only assume it was on one of our feet and there may be more in the bed. Now, I have to wash Lola so she doesn’t have any on her, and vacuum + mop the whole house, shake out the sheets, maybe wash them for good measure. Sigh sigh sigh. Stupid fridge having nothing in it so it froze water.

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