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GoGet – Van hire

We weren’t nearly as organised as we needed to be so after we checked out of the Park Hyatt we had a tonne of things to do and Triston still needed to get to the airport.

Knowing that we weren’t really ready he booked the latest flight down to Melbourne. About 4pm we decided we should hire a van and take some things Mum wanted as well as our mattress somewhere. The where was my sisters block of land because my dad could meet me there.

I had to sign up, to get the key the same day I had to do that in person. Luckily Pyrmont has a newsagent that was available to get me fully registered.

We didn’t really know how much the bags weighed so we decided Triston had to be at the airport at about 8 or 8:30 to weigh them and repack if he needed to. His flight was after 10pm.

Now we only had a couple of hours to get stuff from our apartment into the van. Oh, I better go get the van. It was kind of hard to drive. It has been a long time since I have been behind the wheel and it was tall and large and long.

We pack, we move, we get Triston to the airport. He weighs the bags. They weigh a lot more than expected. He has to take some stuff out and rather than take 3 bags like we planned he can only take two bags.

Given that it is 8pm and I am already half way out of the city and very close to the M5 I decide I may as well continue on to Canberra. If I need to sleep the mattress is in the back. Rolled but there. It isn’t super far but also not super close but it will be half an hour before I can get home again or I could be outside of Sydney in that time.

Off I go. I have signed up for goget today and now I am off on a little adventure. Triston is checked in and waiting at the airport while I drive. Alone. At night. In a van. I wonder how it will pan out but also I am surprised and impressed by how easy it all was.

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