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Good morning, happy anniversary

I am back. Daily? Maybe. More and more will be in Korean as I learn the words. I know the alphabet (한글) but I know limited words and I don’t know the sentence structure. Meaning, I can sound words out because I understand the alphabet and the sounds the letters make. But, I have no concept of what most words mean.

Welcome (back) everyone and thank you. I haven’t posted in months but the blog has been quite active in my absence. That was genuinely surprising to me and I hope you found some information helpful or entertaining.

Here we go:

I usually wake up between 3am and 5am… Thanks to some accidental training of Lola once we moved to the bigger apartment. Oops. My fault.
I do get super tired about 9am and 1pm. So tired. But. When I can I nap around 1pm.

This morning, not because of Lola, I woke up at 1:30am. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t so I decided to properly get up and listened to SHINee ‘Atlantis,’ on repeat a few times…. then remembered SuperM ‘we do,’ is also new so alternated between the two. Both are great songs, right? A little too upbeat for going back to sleep, I didn’t think of that at the time though.

SHINee and SuperM are both Kpop groups. BTS is globally probably the most famous. The group I listen to the most is EXO and I enjoy that but today I didn’t want to put on a full album and just listen. I was hoping to be asleep after a shorter while not hours. Also, the internet tells me it is a trait that Aries are happy to listen to the same song (or three) on repeat for days/weeks on end. Certainly true for me right now. I would suggest it is simply because the songs are catchy, performed well and enjoyable to listen to – the film clips are so bright and cheerful.

Oh, yeah, I do cry in Atlantis if I watch the film clip. In most SHINee songs I guess I do (not that I know that many, I only heard their song for the first time at their concert on 4th April – this year). If you know the group you will know why. If you don’t…. I will explain another day. Ah. Empty space. Gets me every time. I wasn’t even watching the clip – just thinking about it now..

At 3:30am I turned the desk lamp off and went to sleep on the couch. I actually slept until 6:57am. That is a miracle in itself. Lol.


The best part of waking up at 3 or 5am is I watch the sunrise every morning. Lola comes and sits with me then usually she goes back up to bed. It is this blissful morning routine. Even though I will complain about being tired, I love it. I usually have time for a nap.

As I opened my eyes, I had both songs playing in my mind. I was feeling happy. Then. I opened my eyes, facing the window. Through the cracks in the blind, I saw the sky.

I jumped up, opened the blind and windows and took a few photos. I looked at the time. 6:57am. I was sure I should have missed the sunrise by that time.

I woke up at exactly the right moment. Not long after the colours were gone. And 10 minutes later the heavy rain arrived. I also enjoyed the rain, I can’t lie. It was heavy, abrupt but actually quite short.

I find it hard to talk about how great my life is, knowing so many people are struggling. My life is just so amazing and yeah I have been surrounded by death but I can feel pain and mourn loss while being incredibly grateful for my life and who I have met.

Those who died far too young, I was lucky enough to know them. It is still just so amazingly incredible. Honestly, I am truly the lucky one to be able to go through the loss because it means I didn’t miss the opportunity of knowing them during their all too short lives.

I guess, it is just hard to be sad on a day that you wake up for the second time with Atlantis and We Do in your head? I have had the Atlantis album on repeat for about 4 hours now. Time to swap.

Oh, but now I do have Talk to me in Korean playing, I find it hard to actively study but if I listen to their lessons while doing other things (and music also playing), I do actually learn. As long as I get my 10 hours of Kpop in a day…. 6 weeks ago, I hadn’t listened to any Kpop and now I feel weird if I haven’t had it on for hours.

Enjoy your day! I hope you all have love, happiness and/or joy in your heart and lives so that you can see beauty every day, even the days that overwhelm you.

Do all the photos look the same? I took 5 different ones. Initially I had just one window open and normal width of photo. Then I went to wide. Then I opened the other window. The lighting changed slightly. I love a sky like this.

If this was the first thing you saw the second time you woke up for the day, could you possible have a bad day? Everyone says the construction is ugly to look at, but it changes every day. I watch growth, skills, hard work, blood-sweat-tears, specialists in their fields perform their jobs. It is so interesting to watch. I think it added to the photo, to the view, do you?

안녕히 가세요

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