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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

While many people had their worst year yet, mine was full of fun, laughter and travel. It is the year I got married, honeymooned and tried to move overseas. Not a bad year at all but I am going to be in Sydney, yet again, for New Years Eve. I am not one for crowds, lines or fireworks. I think the story you hear with the Disney fireworks make them so special that the story-less New Years Eve fireworks can never compare. Yes, I do love Disney and their fireworks. I wish someone would do something more with the NYE display in Sydney. Tell me a story about dreams and days to come, get my hopes up. Make me laugh and cry. Dazzling me with explosions is underwhelming these days.

The view from our unit for 8 NYE displays:


It becomes easy to take it for granted when you put no effort in to see the show. The show is great and I encourage more people to watch it – we would rent our spare room through airbnb so others could enjoy without any hassle. Luckily for them, this view was in their bedroom window as well as the lounge room. Making it easy for privacy and viewing for us and guests. I share in the excitement, just not the effort. Not when you have to battle the weather and crowds.

I digress.

With 2017 wrapping up and 2018 fast approaching, I make my to-do list.

I need to post the rest of our honeymoon in Canada and Hawaii, our Wedding trip in India and our holiday to Vietnam before TW’s surgery. I am excited to get those posts up and hopefully provide some useful information. I will also try to get a better iMovie post together for the resources I used and for those that will advance faster than me the other tutorials for things that were too in-depth for me to use in my haste to get a video together. I do recommend having a big amount of storage, I have no storage on my laptop and the wedding video (the full version) is now trapped on it because there is not space to move it in its full size to a safer storage.

2018. I am excited for 2018.

Week by week I will be researching, planning and booking a 12 month world trip. Our first flight is booked – to Johannesburg. I might have a trip to India before and we might need to come home to host two other trips to India from Australia during our time away but there is no concern on my end in doing that!

I will update the blog and keep a ledger. I have always found it interesting to know how much money, time, planning and preparation people put in to their long term travel. We will start planning now so that the trip itself is basically paid for before we go. I think this is uncommon but TW gets a gap year from work so we are planning to use it as soon as it is available. Given that isn’t until the end of 2018 we may as well plan, save and pay for what we can before we go.

My major dilemma right now is how long to stay in South Africa. I have a friend who I want to visit, we want to drive the garden route and go to some reserves. I was hoping for a white christmas but if we are going to see Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique as well we barely have any time to enjoy those countries before heading up in to Europe.

We thought ok, maybe not a white Christmas, TW then says for NYE he might like to be in Russia. We may have to do a bit of zig zagging. We are not buying a round the world ticket, rather using points and the One World reward. This does allow back tracking and is great value. Where we need to we will buy flights. I am excited and I will share our progress.

My question is – how long would you spend in each place? Would you aim for 1 country per month and explore different regions thoroughly or 52 countries in the year and go to just one or two cities briefly?

I wish you all the best end to 2017 and start to 2018 imaginable!


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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.

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