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Got keys today

We have someone coming to inspect our apartment on Thursday so I mentioned it might be easier for them to look without the cat. Maybe the house smells like cat food etc which could put people off.

We don’t officially move until the first of August but the property manager tended to agree. So, we got the key to allow us to clean/dust the new apartment before Lola moves in, to make sure she doesn’t have an asthma attack on moving.

Then we will move her in to air out our apartment before someone comes to look.

We aren’t exactly sure if we should move everything or just Lola or somewhere in between. If we moved Lola we would sleep in the new apartment.

Either way, we have the keys and we have to start with the cleaning to make sure she doesn’t get set off with an asthma attack. The apartment is clean but it has been empty about a month so we just want to dust and also disinfect.

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