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Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s Pool

Grand Hyatt Jakarata pool at night

Last night we had a look around the Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s pool area. It was larger and more resort style than I imagined for a city pool.

Grand Hyatt Jakarata pool at night

This morning we went for a swim. Given the ambient temperature here the water was nice even though the sun was behind clouds/smog.

Grand Hyatt Jakarata pool cabana at night

We weren’t the first people at the pool but we were the first to be using the main pool. A family arrived before us, they had a small child so were over in the wading pool area.

The large poolside cabana was ripe for the taking. So, I did.

I don’t know why it is so exciting to be in a cabana or to lounge around outside when I had been lounging around inside directly before going to the pool. It is always super exciting though.

Grand Hyatt Jakarata pool cabana fan

I was more excited when I looked up and saw it had a fan. I didn’t need it but it was nice to know it was there for times when it is needed. Something I haven’t seen in a free-to-use, general public (as in hotel guest but any hotel guest) space cabana before. Some paid cabanas have all kinds of crazy things in them but this isn’t a paid cabana.

Loving the Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s pool and our Jakarta stay so far.

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