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Gumtree selling

Gumtree is super frustrating. People came bought things, said they wanted everything. Came back and paid and took a few more things and were organising a van to take the rest of what they wanted.

Then they couldn’t get it when we were home, even though we are home all the time. They just wanted us to wait here and not go back to Singapore and not get the apartment signed over to the hotel. Just sit here and wait without rent, until they were ready to collect. I said no. Come when we are here or they can’t have it.

After a few days they said they wanted it again and they would come on Saturday to get it. They also said they would only get the stuff if they could have everything, some items had been resold pending payment and collection. So, stupidly I sent messages to the new people wanting to buy certain items. Literally the second after I hit send on those messages I get a message to say this person is no longer buying any of the items, but they will come and take the free items.

I think you can imagine my response. It was polite, I said no. They came to the house twice and did buy things but they were rude and horrible. It was hard to know it they are a prick or if it is their culture or the fact that english isn’t their first language. I gave them the benefit of the doubt but I’m not letting them in again and they don’t deserve additional items after the stuff around. Pfft.

Now we have to try and resell the items, again. Let’s hope some of the people who were wanting to buy them are happy to proceed even though I said yes then no and now yes. Does that look desperate?

Interestingly it is the pieces we didn’t expect to sell at all that are selling. Like our up-cycled table and desk. Chairs we got for free when the hotel threw them out. Pots that are old and don’t have correct lids.

Better get back to it. Sigh. it is gumtree after all, we need to sell if 5 to 6 times for it actually be sold, paid for and collected.

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