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Hair Splinter

So I had something hurting in my toe the other day and when I managed to get it out it looked like a short blonde hair. I put it down to either a fibreglass shard or a tiny bit of the wood floor here as a splinter.

Yesterday though I had pain in my heel. It has been on and off for a while. I soaked my foot and tried to rub it but whenever I got to a certain spot it just pained. TW came home and I made him look. Was there a hole, what was going on.

He said it looked like something black was in there. Eventually we got it out, after snapping it off a few times and pulling it out slightly only to cause intenst pain and snap it off again. It was, a black hair. Like really just a hair. That was embedded about an inch in to my heel. It looked like we got it all because at the end there appeared to be a root – which I would say was a little infection spot.

I literally had a hair splinter. After I googled it, it is a thing but had I never had one, I wouldn’t beleive it. TW saw it, pulled it out some of the way, snapped it off a couple times and inspected it when I got it all the way out. He still doesn’t beleive it was a thing. He sat there and watched it come out though.

Hmmm, I am going to have to up my slipper game. I don’t want another. It appears I have already had two. Singapore – also does hair splinters better. But I dont want it to waaa lol.

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