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Happy 4th of July

Don’t forget to leave milk and cookies out for Captain America.

I had to request an invoice from a hotel for a clients trip. The hotel sent it over so quickly I was in shock, I thanked them for the speedy response. In turn they said have a great night, looking at the date I wished them a happy 4th of July. It would have just hit midnight on the 4th their time but it was already the 4th in Singapore.

They quickly reminded me to leave milk and cookies out for captain. Now, after reading their email I see it all over FB and the internet but until then I hadn’t heard of or seen it. Maybe last year but it is so not a thing to me I won’t remember it in a years time.

It did make more sense to me to leave them out for Captain America than Santa. It was nice to get the invoice I needed and have a quick and quirky chat with a hotel.

Happy 4th everyone 🙂

If you are leaving milk and cookies out for the captain, can you let him know how long to heat it and where the ice cream is. I really feel like a hot fudgey cookie with ice cream. Nom nom nom.

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