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Harry Potter living

One of the jokes we had in our house was the space under the stairs. It was actually a large space and I often said we could advertise it as a “Harry Potter” room and rent it out as well.

We didn’t do it, there wasn’t a full bathroom downstairs. As much as we could we made it a room to be used though.

Triston worked under there while the bathroom was being repaired as there was no other option.

Now, I have slept under the stairs for two nights. It wasn’t great because I had to use pillows as my bed, having sold and moved all the other mattresses.

Surprisingly it wasn’t terrible either. The worst part was looking out and seeing an empty but not quite organised space. I was a little sad and the transformation of the apartment from our comfortable home to an empty shell of nothingness.

Though, the view, laying in “bed” out through the window was kind of great. Especially at sunrise, more so than sunset (not that I have a photo of either).

I stayed behind to get all the last little bits done. It was a bit of a struggle. Things happened late at night, early in the morning, took hours longer than you would expect but they did get done. Mostly.

In the end the only spot for me to sit, was on pillows under the stairs or on the stairs. All of our chairs, stools, benches and anything else that could be used for sitting had been sold.

Living under the stairs wasn’t terrible. It would have been decently comfortable if I had a mattress topper. Maybe when we get the apartment back from the hotel we should make it a harry potter room lol.

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