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Health Screening results

After many tests and requests over the years in Australia, I have been given a clean bill of health. Not to argue with a Dr, I had been sceptical because I am not the picture of health but I would take the happy news. With little confidence but still take it.

Well. My blood pressure is low. I have a mild unknown infection. My red blood cell count is low. I am O+, which is handy for a lot of people, if only I donated blood.

Everything functions pretty well. Cysts everywhere but I knew that already.

Probably dehydrated. Possibly with a slight cold when having the tests. Low Blood pressure does explain why I almost passed out when having my blood taken for the tests.

Well. I have the results now. So yay. Right? Yay? I know all the good and bad. In black and white, and red in parts where things are not great, in one huge file. Well, nice and thorough, results I believe.

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