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House Hunters International – initial application

In September 2018, before our December move to Singapore, I started the initial application for House Hunters International. I wasn’t sure if that was too late given it would take a lot of effort and coordination.

All I did was email. There is a seperate application for House Hunters and House Hunters International so if you are reading this because you are looking to apply, make sure you use the right method (on the links above).

house hunters international hhi cartoon art by dankia lindsell initial application
Art by Danika Lindsell

At that time we didn’t know it was a reenactment show. So when December came and we hadn’t heard back from them, we assumed that we were not selected. Which was fine.

Then January hits, we have just moved out of the Andaz in Singapore and into our new apartment.

Months after our initial application, an email

Literally just a few days after our move, I get an email. Did we move and have we found an apartment? Are we still interested? Yes, yes and most definitely yes.

We set up a time for a Skype call, I have never used Skype before so I was a little worried about it. The email from America came while we were sleeping and she had picked one of her first slots in the morning. I waited up all night for her to get my email that we were happy to do it and hoped that Skype was working. At about 4am I went to sleep. No missed calls. No emails. I wondered if I should email her again.

I figured she was busy and by the time she got my email to say we were fine to do it, the time had passed. Was that it? Did we just miss our chance because I wasn’t savvy on Skype or up at the right time the night before to respond before she went home for the day? I had a bit of a glum weekend thinking about it.

Then, I got an email which had a link to an appointment book. That was much easier. I booked in the time. I didn’t email her I just booked the time. It felt strange, I wanted to chat and email but I also figured she was super busy so clogging up her inbox with unimportant things probably wasn’t the best idea. She was about to answer all our questions, just wait.

I guess my initial application wasn’t too late after all. Ok, well, let’s see where this takes us.

You can read more about our house hunters international experience here.

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