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HHI – our episode

We got the official link to watch our HHI episode a couple of days ago. Triston was away with work so we didn’t watch it until last night. *CRINGE*. It wasn’t as bad as we were expecting given we both had the flu and I also had extreme endometriosis pain. I was trying to manage it but failing.

Thanks HHI for buying us our first Singapore Chilli Crab

HHI filming Jumbo Seafood

Well the chilli crab scene basically played out as it did in real life. We were in the hot sun and had to wait a little for the cameras to be set up. We both got pretty irritable.

Chilli crab, triston moved the shell. HHI filming

Triston literally didn’t hear me at all when he was playing with the chilli crab shell. The waitress came over at one point and asked if we needed lessons on eating the crab. Which we did and still do but that was half of the joke. If you know how to eat one you will know we sucked at it.

Jumbo seafood chilli crab, between HHI takes

We ate at Jumbo Seafood. I think it is a decently large chain in Singapore and well known for it’s seafood. I didn’t actually like the chilli crab too much. Triston thought it was ok. I am pretty sure we at at the Riverside Point location.

Jumbo seafood waiting HHI filming

Fortune teller

Bugis bencoolen fortune teller for HHI Tall tanny creation earrings

The fortune teller did mimic some of the sentiments in the official Ox and Goat horoscopes. He went on and on about Triston having 3 great loves, one was in 2016 and another one is coming. It was relentless and the guy didn’t seem to understand or didn’t care that we were married. I got sick of brushing it off at one point and eventually he moved on.

Sometimes our angry looks were just blindness from glare

We had rainy and overcast yet sunny days, we look angry a lot of the time. Angrier then we were. The reason for that, it was a struggle to keep our eyes open, without sunglasses, with the glare. Some takes we had our eyes closed until they said action.

HHI Crew

The struggle to see was real.

HHI filming, can't see

See, all the sunglasses and happy smilie people!

Singapore HHI filming

Then other angry faces were just angry faces, Triston was pretty annoying.

Our hotel

You may have heard me mention we were in a hotel and the house we chose was in the same neighbourhood. We stayed at the Andaz Singapore, which is in Bugis, for 35 nights and you can see it behind Triston in the below photo. We really didn’t move far.

Andaz Singapore HHI filming

Make up for HHI

So, I don’t know how to do make up at all. In Singapore you will notice I am not wearing any. I have long eyelashes, in case you think I have mascara or something on. I don’t.

The cats meow make up from Canberra HHI filming Sydney

For Sydney, however, my makeup artist cousin travelled from Canberra to do my makeup. Special. I haven’t seen her in like 25 years or something. It was great to meet her as an adult and to meet her little girl as well. She did a great job because we gave her 20 minutes, Triston and I had a terrible sleep the night before so she had her work cut out for her. Even though she offered to do touch ups, the makeup lasted all day.

Leaning away from each other

Sydney HHI filming

One of the things I noticed when I watched, it that we appear not to like each other based on body language in the interviews. We appear to be leaning away.

Sydney HHI filming

We actually had two cameras from us and light interference through the windows so our chairs had to be close to each other. But they were trying to get both of us in the shot with one camera and one of us only in the other. There just wasn’t much room to play with which meant we tipped over away from each other, a little.

Sydney HHI filming

Our Apartment

I killed all the plants, almost the instant the cameras stopped rolling. Which was kind of good because it turns out Lola was allergic to them. I put the orchids on the windowsill, outside, and they have actually started to grow on their own.

Lola did move, we spent a lot of time discussing her, her move, and if apartments would be suitable. We were told all allowed pets and the one with the internal stairs and the rooftop terrace would have been perfect for her. It was just too expensive.

danika lindsell artemiss creations Lola and HHI filming

One of the key things about our apartment is that it had two bathrooms. We didn’t mention it while filming because this apartment would be clearly the superior option. 1 bedroom but two bathrooms and an internal laundry. Sure, no pool but decently less (in reality) than other apartments so we can go on cheap holidays if we feel like a swim.

Lola didn't make it into our HHI episode

We also weren’t sure how often Triston would be travelling for work. Lately he has been away entire weeks at a time. There is no point in us paying to live somewhere like a hotel with a pool if his work is paying for that most of the time as well.

HHI filming

The top on the wall above is part of an outfit I had handmade for a Christmas party one time. She sent it to the wrong address so I didn’t get it until after Christmas. I paid a lot for it so I decided to hang it like a piece of art because the maker put a tonne of effort in. For those playing at home, it turns out I had sent her a video game heroine. I have the skirt as well, it just wasn’t hung yet. It is now.

You also see a framed shirt sitting on a desk under the window. This is actually the shirt Triston wore during the Haldi, Mahndi and Holi ceremonies at our wedding. Sadly he washed it when we got back to Sydney so the colours faded but We framed it as a reminder of the fun we had on the day.

Proposal organised by HHI

HHI filming

In the beginning of our episode you hear me say something like, ‘oh chicken are you going to propose again?’. The reason for this is everyone heard our proposal story and thought it was hilarious so we were creating an option for it to be included. Ultimately it wasn’t. BUT because Triston didn’t really ever get a chance to propose properly, they had him propose properly as a surprise in Singapore.

I still have the flowers and balloons from it, even though the proposal didn’t make it in. Triston giving me the flowers did, briefly.

danika lindsell artemiss creations HHI proposal
We look better as cartoons, thanks Danika!

I thought it was so sweet and actually I had asked Triston the direct question the night before and his reaction was weird. So I half ruined the surprise but the moment still got me and it was perfect. Even if we never get to see the video (we won’t, we only get to see the footage that aired).

HHI proposal

Our artworks including a new one for HHI

The poster pictures were commissioned works from artemiss creations/Danika Lindsell. Danika is a friend of my very talented high school friend, Meg. Meg didn’t have time because she was busy tattooing her art onto people. Side note, while we were going through the application process, Meg tattooed a cancer survivor piece onto my mother.

mums tattoo miss megs tattoos white fox tattoos
Mum’s first-ever tattoo, the only one… for now.

We initially commissioned a piece for our wedding invitations and now we have a series of them.

After our wedding we had a new one created for the Indian wedding tour.

Danika Lindsell artwork artemiss creations

Lola features in all of our commissioned art.

house hunters international hhi cartoon danika lindsell artemiss creations

The proposal is part of the House Hunters International picture but I asked for them to be almost seperate. I wanted to give one to the crew but they didn’t need the proposal part. They have it but it was made specifically so they can remove it if they like.

HHI artwork with proposal danika lindsell artemiss creations

Final decision on HHI

So the apartment we chose is the apartment neither of us wanted. In this same building there were loft apartments and I wanted that one. This apartment was cheaper. We saw more than 3 apartments when searching and there was one that we probably would have moved to but they didn’t allow any animals at all. That was a deal breaker for me. I wanted the option to move Lola over, even if we didn’t end up moving her.

Loft shower Singapore Triston doesn't fit
Triston didn’t fit in the shower and it was $1000 more per month

The loft apartment in the building wasn’t actually suitable for Triston. Given the price and location we eventually just settled on this apartment. It wasn’t as dramatic as TV made it seem.

My earrings

So, I have never tried to be stylish and I won’t claim to be. I am a trend setter by accident with a lot of things but you would never know it. (My original and bespoke engagement ring, created by Bill Hicks Jewellery is one example. I was ahead of the trend and they used my request as a marketing tool).

My ring in a bridal magazine
Colourful one being mine

Anywho, my high school friend Tanny hand makes earrings. I got some from her and wore those through the filming. If you would like to support a small rural business in NSW you can find her website here. For any overseas people, she is Australian so prices are AUD, I am pretty sure it doesn’t update based on your location.

HHI filming at our house and some earrings
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