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HHI – tug of war in Singapore

Just after our HHI filming in Singapore another couple submitted paperwork to the building owner for permission to film. One day the building manager was discussing with the couple as Triston walked past. He told them we had just filmed and they should speak to Triston – hey here he is – and myself.

A few days later, while I was in the process of bleaching the house for cat and her ringworm/allergy, I had a knock on the door. The wife on the couple came to introduce herself and we generally discussed the process. I told her I was pretty sure we kept failing the audition video but we didn’t have a working stabiliser and now we do. If they would like to borrow it they were more than welcome to.

By that time we had received our DJI Osmo mobile 2. They did borrowed it. I watched some of their audition video. It was a lot better than ours.

HHI bringing expats together

Also, they are American. We think the show does make more sense with Americans moving overseas as it is more relatable to the largest audience.

They also started their real discussions in January. Initially, they thought they were moving in February. Their move didn’t happen until May.

The application process still took them a few weeks and from the proper official start of the process to filming they had May through to end of August.

We had roughly 15 days notice from acceptance to filming. They had about 4-6 weeks notice for their film dates. Things were a little different for them. They also didn’t film in San Francisco, just Singapore, which is an option. We were fine with filming in Sydney, Triston had to be in Australia for work the week before anyway.

HHI tug of war in singapore

Their process seemed a lot more streamlined than ours. Our application was huge (you may remember) so we may have just given them too much to work with. Most people only give enough information to help create a single story. We gave enough information for about 10 different stories and we filmed for most. They picked a random one but we enjoyed the whole process.

They filmed in August. Their HHI episode airs on the 27th of November. It is called Tug of war in Singapore. We have plans to get together and watch both once theirs airs. They have visitors until early December and we have my parents after that, so it might not be until January but it will be fun to laugh at each other, together.

You can read more about our house hunters international experience here.

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