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High tea booking

Today Andaz (and Grand Hyatt) Singapore launched a sale, hotel rooms, dining and spa. One of the best value deals was the high tea. I booked two dates and sent a message out to see if anyone wanted to join me.

So many people wanted to join that I ended up with more then 5 tables worth of people looking to join. We can’t have more than 5 people in any one booking due to covidsafe rules so rather than cancel all the extra tables I booked different dates for everyone.

The special makes the high tea almost half price $34 a person including fees and taxes. High tea is always a little pricier than I would like but it is probably for good reason, if it was really affordable I would eat it far too often.

My first booking is for Sunday. This was the day I really wanted to go as people who live near me are attending but a sixth person asked if they could join so I said they could have my seat. I now have many other dates I can attend on so it is no issue and everyone gets to be happy. If someone cancels I will still be able to go.

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