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Holiday Planning

It is hard. So hard. The more you know about the harder it is, I think. There must be a sweet spot where you know enough to go but not too much to be undecided. I am beyond help right now I think. I don’t know what to book or how to plan it.

One of our best trips was 1 night outside of Londons M25 at Coworth Park and 4 nights central London at The Goring. We just walked around. We drove from Coworth Park to Stonehenge, Bath and Cardiff and then to the centre of London. The next morning we did drive down to Beach and then drop the car off mid afternoon because we didn’t want the inconvenience or expensive of a car in central London.

Once in London we generally just walked around. We had fabulous weather for January. It was a great stay. I don’t know too many people who would bother going from Sydney to London for just a few nights, unless it was for work. It was a great trip and I recommend it.

I wish we liked San Francisco or hadn’t been before so that we didn’t know we don’t like it. I can’t picture walking around enjoying it. All I can picture is dodging punches and feeling generally unsafe so if we are going to London up this 5 day trip we need another city as a base before the concert. Or, we could do a bit of a trip around, probably national parks.

Any help? We thought to land in to LA and drive up but now I am thinking land in to SFO and drive over, up and down to the nearby national parks and nature reserves. What would you do? Any tips? First few days of September 🙂

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