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Yeah, we have restrictions on but Triston has this week off. I asked if he wanted to change it but he needed a break so he left it.

Because he has the week off he has hurt his back while walking or something dumb … probably stretching in his morning yoga. Lots of mild complaining. Awesome. I don’t have the week off. I am busy but now I have a whiny husband to deal with who doesn’t have work to keep him out of my hair.


Yay yay yay.

Well, I got some study done. I have to do something with classes pushed back. I keep getting the answers right, so that is a plus. But I haven’t learned all the words from last Tuesday yet and ordinarily the test would have happened days ago. I do feel a but bad about that but they aren’t exactly words I use every day in English so it is harder to focus on them.

Any who. All prepared for Friday. Got the call today to see if I wanted to postpone. As long as extra restrictions don’t come in it will still go ahead.

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