We live a charmed life at times. Travelling to both Canada and Hawaii on our honeymoon. An unplanned trip that was not at all budgeted for. Previously it wasn’t needed (you can find out why over on the wedding page – link will be added here once the page is complete – but for now, I will confess, we are extremely lucky to be in a position where this was possible).

We booked the trip 3 months after our wedding and we travelled 11 days after booking our flight from Sydney to Hawaii. Only the first 2 nights in a hotel and the second to last 2 nights booked. Everything else was left open. After arriving in Hawaii we booked flights to Canada.

Waikiki Parc hotel terrace
Waikiki Parc Hotel’s terrace

Starting in Waikiki from Sydney and then flying up to Vancouver. From there driving to Montreal via Niagara Falls while generally sticking to Trans-Canada Highway, Highway 1. After our road trip we had a few days of absolute tranquility on Maui before heading home.

Strawberries and Wine from the Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Welcome gift and letter from the Fairmont Chateau Whistler

From food poisoning and possibly pooping on an ultra mega fancy hotels (Halekulani) chair in the lobby to a potential ghost sighting in a window. A selfie with some wild moose in Banff. Later, we realised actually they may have been Caribou. Not one single accident on our 8 day (6,681 mile) drive. Well, there were a few accidents but nothing involving us.

We had a very unique honeymoon. If you have any stress at all about where you should go or what you should do, the answer is go with you heart.

Our honeymoon journey starts here.
You can follow along below:
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This series is not yet complete and I am aiming to have it completed in the next few months. 18 months have passed since our honeymoon, making it difficult to find the photos and remember what happened. Today, I discussed it with TW he didn’t remember Canada and Hawaii being the one trip. He only remembered that our honeymoon was Canada. Hawaii he thought was a different trip.

Medicine Hat Teepee

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