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Honeymoon – day four


We had a nice honeymoon gift of a late check out of 3pm. After lunch we went back to the room, did a final pack and check for everything. We could have, and a reasonable person would have, paid a minimal fee to extend the room until 8pm. Given that Triston spent such a long time in the bathroom of the room and he was feeling a decent bit better, lunch had settled well, we decided checking out would force us to enjoy some of the facilities we had just toured.

Halekulani Honeymoon
Coconut cake by the pool. It was a very soft and fluffy sponge cake.

There was a poolside relax, cake, drinks, a swim.

Our bags were stored by the porters. Including my drone – which was put in a back room for safe keeping.

Halekulani Hospitality Suite

After the cake and swim Triston needed to shower (I didn’t swim) so we went to the hospitality suite. Having now used the facilities we can clearly see how much of an asset this room is. It looked good before but when faced without your own room to retreat to this really is a little haven to relax in, out of the heat/sun, while you wait (for transfers/check in etc).

Halekulani Honeymoon
There are lockers, big enough to store bags. Perfect for a flight that arrives early and you can’t check in yet.
Halekulani Honeymoon
The room is also the business centre. It has a shredded and everything else you could need.
Halekulani Honeymoon
Decently comfortable chairs and the far sitting area has a TV.

It ain’t no honeymoon without more Steak Shack

We looked at the time and had one more meal at steak shack, did I mention these simple meals are one of our favourite things about Hawaii? I wasn’t joking. We got there half hour before it closed and there was a line of over 20 people waiting for their meals to be cooked. I guess everyone else decided to have dinner just before they closed.

Hawaii Honeymoon
A small portion of the line. Most people in the line have ordered for 2-4 people who have, like I was about to, gone and sat somewhere else.

Even though we did have about a 20 minute wait, it is still a quick and easy meal.

Hawaii Honeymoon
I found a seat off to the side and enjoyed the sunset.

8pm our driver was ready to take us to the airport. The same driver that picked us up. We had another great chat. The ride to the airport was very comfortable. I really like the car they used. I took the cheapest option but it was very luxurious and we each had a lot of space.

10:30pm our flight departure time, we left near enough on time.

6:30am we landed late.

We went to the lounge nearest our arrival gate. Had a seat and I typed up the previous 24 hours events. We also booked a hotel for the night, Whistler. Finally we knew where we would be going to after we landed. It was nice to have this narrowed down.  With about 40 minutes to go before boarding we headed over to the departure gate. We were leaving from the remote terminal. There was a lounge there as well but I found the general seating area comfortable and less crowded. The lounge was very small.

Honeymoon phase two – Canada

Our plane arrived, possibly late but it was taking a long time to get to the gate.

We found out it had a flat tyre and we would need to wait for it to be replaced before we could board. The delay was close to an hour. Once onboard, there was an error with the equipment and the pilots were speaking with the technicians, it had to be sorted before we could take off but we had already started the push back. I fell asleep. Triston says it was about an hour on the plane on the tarmac to get sorted. We arrived an hour late, so we made time up in the air.

We arrived and as we had not changed any of our original plans, the only plan being a hire car we had booked and a night in Ottawa, and our new plan to go straight to Whistler, we make a bee line for the hire car. Time has already been lost and initial thoughts of lunch or some sights in downtown Vancouver were quickly fading. Our car was booked with Enterprise and they are an offsite operator. For us this was perfect, a shuttle driver takes us away from the bustle of the airport AND their location was right next door to a Costco.

Costco Vancouver Canada Honeymoon phase 2
You can get chips, poutine, chicken and they still have Hawaiian pizza on the menu – unlike Sydney.

Lunch had just sorted itself out!

Costco Vancouver Canada Honeymoon phase 2
So we got chips and a slice of Hawaiian!

Lunch essentially rounds out these 24 hours.

Honeymoon day four was 23-24 July 2017
Originally posted 13th August 2017
Updated 1 November 2019


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