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Honeymoon – day fourteen

Maui, what can I say. We have arrived back at Hotel Wailea. We have relaxed. It is an amazing spot for a honeymoon. Quiet, calm, no more driving.

Day fourteen is a sleepy day. We have come to paradise to sleep off the road trip. Not intentionally but what else is there to do now but relax. We had an amazing drive and now we have a pool, some time, a few great welcome and honeymoon gifts. I think we earned the right to slow down and enjoy a whole lot of nothing.

Maui has always felt like the place that honeymoon dreams are made of. It feels like a honeymoon dream come true. We have done more interesting things and stayed at hotels that are probably a whole lot nicer but Maui just has a vibe to it. The collective beating heart can be felt in the air, a relaxed, friendly and happy atmosphere.

Wailea breakfast

We have breakfast/brunch in the shopping centre and laze by the pool. I nap more than Triston and he swims more than me but we both enjoy our time today. Tomorrow we will be leaving so today we are just taking everything in and relaxing.

Tonight is our final night on Maui, yes we only have two nights. To farewell our honeymoon adventure we book dinner at Hotel Wailea’s restaurant. We were going to do a Cabana dining but it was sold out on both nights. Maybe it was just too expensive and I took too long to decide. I could find out but let’s go with it was sold out and not that I am stingy. It is a problem when you plan your honeymoon last minute, things aren’t always available.

This is our last real honeymoon night. Tomorrow we fly to Oahu and spend the night purely because the flight home is early in the morning.

Farewell honeymoon dinner at Hotel Wailea

Hotel Wailea dinner honeymoon Hawaii

We received a complimentary amuse bouche, watermelon with herbs to freshen the mouth. It almost looked like tuna and I am not a big watermelon fan but when you have fresh ingredients they really do shine.

Hotel Wailea dinner honeymoon hawaii

I don’t actually remember the menu now, it has changed. You would expect it to change over two years later. At the time, I didn’t write a post or save notes. I didn’t write much about the dinner when I originally posted.

Hotel Wailea dinner honeymoon hawaii

My phone was mostly flat which is standard for me. I did the best I could with photos but I take one quick snap and eat. There is nothing worse than eating cold food because you tried to get a good photo. I am here to eat not document, if I can do both I would be happy but Triston also gets angry if I make him wait. These were the best I could do.

Hotel Wailea dinner honeymoon hawaii

For dessert, we had the Lava cake, this one I remember. As you can see it is set on fire. Triston loves Lava cakes and when we were in Noumea we had a “bomb Alaska” (usually spelled Bombe as far as I was aware but this one seemed to have intent). Triston loved it, I don’t remember if it was good, Triston just loved the fire so when we saw fire on the menu we knew we had to get it.

Hotel Wailea dinner honeymoon hawaii

This dessert was epic. I do remember that. The meal was actually just so totally amazing and everything you would want to cap off a honeymoon.

Honeymoon day fourteen was 3 August 2017
Originally published as part of posts on 30th January and 23rd February 2019
Updated 13 November 2019


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