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Honeymoon – day six


It is our honeymoon and I just wanted some water but that was a pretty intense 5 minutes. My brain hasn’t shut off. I could picture all the things crawling in the walls, the ghosts, the people. Sometimes supernatural is not about supernatural things but just scary normal people.

I was aware pretty quickly it was my reflection in the glass but it didn’t make the thoughts that I had in those moments go away or the ones that were coming stop. My sleep was non-existent. If I closed my eyes I could see every scary movie, tv-show, urban legend and if they were open I could see ghosts and ghouls in the darkness. Shadow creepers trying to get to me, weaving their way through the tree branches on the wall. Waiting for the right gust of wind to cast the right shadow through the curtain so they could get to me.

Tossing and turning, trying to sleep, afraid to sleep. The hours passed. I dozed. No real sleep. Any sleep I got was accidental and would result in a frightful and abrupt awakening. Triston slept beside me and while he got a lot more sleep than I did, my constant jumping and actually physically waking him up to tell him I was too scared to sleep ensure he also didn’t get any solid or decent sleep.

It is daylight but is the haunting over?

In the daylight, Triston says he will pack the car and I should try to get a power nap in.

He comes running back into the room just moments after leaving.

I am in the bathroom, of course, that is the natural thing to do in the morning. He is running around the room yelling for me (not a room large enough for running around in but from the kerfuffle I hear, it is what I picture to be happening).

He is yelling for me to come quick, get out, quick, now. Not really the kind of thing I want to hear while trapped on the throne. I tell him I am in the bathroom and will be there as soon as I can.

Nothing like a panicked yell in the morning to start the day off right

He quietly screams back at me to hurry.

Well, that isn’t concerning at all, not after the night I have had.

I open the door, tired, stressed, not quite sure I completed the task I had set out to do properly, dazed and confused.

Triston is running in circles – Moose, Moose, Moose. Hurry up there is moose.

Oh, thank God.
We aren’t being murdered, it was my reflection.
YAY a moose.

Canada honeymoon road trip, wild elk that we confused for moose but still they were cool

We go out and look. I try to get probably too close for a photo. How exciting. There are 3 in the parking lot and as we are leaving we see a big one sitting beside another building.

Canada honeymoon road trip, wild elk that we confused for moose but still they were cool

Later, we see a road sign. I say – hmm that is a moose, that isn’t what we saw. We eliminate deer because we know what they look like and decide they were Elk. Not AS exciting as a real-life wild Moose hanging out at our motel but still pretty dang cool.

Canada honeymoon road trip, wild elk that we confused for moose but still they were cool
This guy was too cool for us.

We survived the supernatural hotel and managed to see some real wildlife, today is off to a good start. Can we get the honeymoon back on track now?

We had a quick look around Banff during the day. Reminded us of Whistler – a ski town, pretty, kind of cold for summer. However, we decided we preferred British Colombia as a state.

Today was going to be a big day, which is a shame because it came after the worst night. Originally hoping to get from Banff to Winnipeg we decided we would just get as far as we could, given the lack of sleep.

After Banff, the drive was much less interesting.

Our honeymoon road trip just got boring

It was still very pretty and we drove along the mountains but the drive from Whistler to Banff had been so unexpectedly beautiful the next section paled in comparison. Possibly because we now knew what to expect from the mountain pass or due to lack of sleep. My favourite part of the first leg of the drive was arriving into Medicine Hat. I am not sure why anyone would go specifically to Medicine Hat but I really enjoyed the road down into the town/city. We stopped for lunch at the Costco for some more Poutine. It was really good there, we got chicken pieces as well, no pizza though.

Medicine Hat is a fun name of a city. It is on the river, and on our way out of town there was a big Tepee. It is apparently iconic but we had watched a massive train go through the town while we were exiting Costco and that was pretty interesting.

Medicine Hat Canada part of our honeymoon road trip

From Medicine Hat, we drive non stop to Regina. Regina isn’t our intended stop but we are tired and hungry and it has been a few hours without a break. The drive itself is nice.

Dinner in Regina was one of the better American style meals I have had. It was a place, far too cool and chic for us but also with that, all your refills are free mentality and not the $8 tiny glass of coke we get in similar places in Australia.

We sat and ate and debated stopping for the night. If we sleep here we can explore the town. We spoke with our server who gave us a great list of things to do in town and nearby.

Once his list was finally complete, we decided it was best to keep going.

Saskatchewan – a great state to drive through, even on your honeymoon

On the radio, we listen to a replay of a comic festival. There is a comic debate on, it is about drive-through for and against. One team says what do McDonald’s and Saskatchewan have in common? They are both great places to drive through. This becomes hilarious to us as the scenery is pretty but it is flat. The highway runs alongside big farms so we literally drive through. Phew, so glad we didn’t get stuck in the “drive-through” state.

We did take time to stop and I took some drone footage as it really was quite a beautiful state. The sun was setting, it was really nice. I was driving and woke Triston up pulling on to a dirt road, he thought I was crashing. I had some pretty great droning skills for my 4th ever flight because I had to land on the box I carry it in to avoid smashing the camera with debris or falling over and damaging the drone with the uneven rocky road service. Triston took some video on his phone.

This is not the drone footage – it is the iPhone footage. The flyover was on my phone but it ran out of memory and had some issues so we took all the photos off and where they ended up being backed up, I don’t know, everything is potentially lost.

I can’t find a link to the comedy festival debate but it was funny and interesting. They had two topics that we heard – hot tubs and drive through. Canada 2017 comedy festival, somewhere. If you want to try and find it.

Honeymoon day six was 26 July 2017
Originally posted 3rd September 2017
Updated 4 November 2019


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