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Honeymoon – day thirteen


MAUI!! Hotel Wailea. Finally! We are back. So excited.

Maui bus
2009. The bus marking our survival of the road we weren’t meant to drive down. We didn’t know and we went the wrong way. Some unspoken rule and we went the opposite way. So scary.

Our first trip to Maui, back in 2009, we stayed at Hotel Wailea and loved it so for our honeymoon we knew we had to go back. When we first stayed we thought the hotel was more than lovely. There this intangible peace and tranquility about the place. Oh, and those rooms, we adored the rooms. Large, well planned, providing everything you needed. The rooms had a full kitchen including an oven, stove top, and a full-size fridge (with freezer).

2009. Sick of driving.

Our favourite part was the bathroom. I don’t know what it is about that bathroom exactly but we have compared every bathroom since to their bathroom. Held to the Hotel Wailea standard. Naming all of the things the hotel, apartment or house could have done better. We call it PHW – Post Hotel Wailea. I don’t know if their bathroom won awards back then but it should have.

2009. Happy to have a spot to park the car

We were aware of a massive renovation and that the hotel had joined the Relais & Chateaux group. The condo rooms remained mostly unchanged, just updated. The new kitchens are fabulous. They are now, well-planned kitchenette’s. They have more than enough space for everything. A fridge and freezer, each of which is in a concealed drawer. The sink is more compact but fully functional.

2009. The actual view.

Hotel Wailea, yay, yay! Yay!

Removing the U shaped kitchen has enlarged the lounge space, and let’s face it, most of us aren’t going on holidays to cook up a storm and spend our time in the kitchen. If you want or need to cook, you can request one of the rooms that still have the full kitchen. At first, I thought it meant these rooms were not part of the renovation project. Instead, you will find the luxury brought in and a full kitchen installed instead of replaced with a kitchenette.

Maui – top of the volcano

You do have to request one of these full kitchen rooms. This type of room isn’t advertised. You have to know about them to know about them. You can contact the hotel directly or I can put that request in for you – if I do it you get some bonuses. That is, if cooking is a must have for you when on your vacation. Of course, given some dietary needs it is much easier for some people to be able to self cater than rely on eating out.

Oh how times have changed

The little things have also changed. Things I am probably not likely to notice on the day to day but those little touches have refined the resort. It is seen in every aspect of the hotel if you look for it. Even the email confirmations are refined and luxurious. Above is our original 2009 reservation confirmation email. I remember when Hotel Wailea was the single most expensive hotel we had ever stayed in. USD$162.67 per night, meaning we could only afford one night. One night of luxury, a splurge at the end of a holiday. They even updated – 2017 – reservation confirmation email is below.

There is, of course, a difference in seasons as well. When we first stayed at Hotel Wailea it was in offseason, this current stay is in the peak of high season. High season costs more. The pricing has increased over time and with the hotel renovation and updates but July has always been a more expensive time to travel than November. We did get a slight discount on this hotel. There wasn’t much room for a travel agent discount, the hotel was completely full. We did receive the returning guest welcome. If not for the Fairmont le Frontenac in Quebec, Hotel Wailea could still have been our single most expensive hotel.

It is wonderful to be back in such an enchanting place. After all of that driving we can now sit back and relax for a few glorious days.

Yay relaxing honeymoon. Who even remembers the road trip?

Honeymoon day thirteen was 2 August 2019
Originally published 13 January 2019
Updated 11 November 2019


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