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Honeymoon – day twelve


There was a massive debacle with the car not being ready and the valet desk being unattended in the morning and we find that our restless sleep during the night has turned out to be somewhat founded. Against all odds, we make it to the airport in time to check-in for our flight. Just. If we were flying in economy our check-in would have been closed. Being our honeymoon we had booked business/first-class tickets so we had an extra half hour to check-in and we arrived just 5 minutes before that check in closed. Rushed, stressed, flustered and uncomfortable, but, we made it so now we can relax.

Honeymoon Canada
Yay bed hair and airports

Our first flight is to Phoenix so we have to go through US customs here in Montreal, which is actually very hand and a great program but the officials aren’t the friendliest we have encountered. We decide it is because we are sweaty and stressed, we would have looked pretty suss so it is forgiven, they are doing their jobs and we do look and sound dodgier than we usually would.  

Having the business class tickets and Platinum status with Qantas we do get to go through all of the short lines. First-class check-in and the priority lines for security and immigration without the check-in benefit we would have missed our flight so the officials are understanding as soon as they see our tickets. It really only takes 15-20 minutes to go from dropping off the car to being ready at the gate.

Honeymoon Canada

Relaxing honeymoon here we come

We have a short time before the flight starts boarding and are starving. There will be food on the flight but that will still be over an hour away, we aren’t sure what it would be and we are just completely starving so we ask at the cafe if they are able to get us our food before we need to depart. We are assured they can do it but it seems to take forever. The announcement for people needing additional help to board our flight is made and our food has not arrived. Sigh. Boarding has officially started.

The food arrives just as we decide that we have to leave without eating. There is an awkward moment as we are telling one waitress that we have to go as the other is bringing our food. Ok well, it is here now, we can scoff it down. Our gate is within our sights, there is time.

Triston had pancakes and bacon and I had the breakfast sandwich with wedges. Both were good. It would have been better if we had time to enjoy the food. There is only time enough to eat half of what we would have wanted to eat. We paid when the food arrived so that we could run off as soon as we needed to.

Honeymoon Canada

It was an exciting start to the morning. Probably good to get the heart pumping. We have a decent trip to get back to Hawaii so we will be sitting in airports and on planes for the next 17 or so hours.


Hotel Wailea here we come.

Honeymoon day twelve was 1 August 2017
Originally published 27th June 2018
Updated 10 November 2019


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