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Honeymoon – ramblings

Canada Honeymoon

My honeymoon blog started as an update of our trip as it happened. It was usually written the day after it happened and I would post as soon as I could. As the trip went on I didn’t have the time to do that. Which means as the updates went on, I have forgotten a lot of the details of our trip. It was a few days late. Days turned into months and then the months turned into years. Which is a shame for us as we look back at these to remember the things we have done.

While I have been doing the update to my blog, I accidentally posted day 11 as day 10 and skipped a whole day in my updates. Oops.

I know a lot of people who look forward to their honeymoon – more than they look forward to their wedding. In some cases I am sure their honeymoon was the highlight of the two events. For us, I am not sure there will ever be a trip or experience that rivals that of our wedding.

Changes to our wedding

Our wedding was initially going to be spread over multiple days, venues and ceremonies, to have the more traditional Indian experience. Also we planned to have a different ceremony or blessing in each city. We wanted to make each part of the trip that little bit more special than just another city on the tour.

We changed that to accommodate family and friends who were thinking they could only come on the wedding day. They did not want to tour India with us… but they did want to be at our wedding. We were asked by a different people which one would be the “real wedding”. That is the day they would try to get get to India for. Some people were able to come because of the change. Others ended up just doing the whole tour with us. Sadly there were a few people who wanted to come that couldn’t make it to India.

Honeymoon ramblings, birthday cake as part of our wedding trip in India. Provided in the room, for free, from the Lodhi in Delhi.
Birthday cake provided in our room on arrival to the Lodhi in Delhi. On the first night of our wedding trip. It was indeed my birthday.

For us, the whole trip is blended in to the wedding. Though it was meant to be a wedding & then honeymoon. The hotels ramped up as the trip went. We quickly decided that we would need an actual honeymoon, one without our parents accompanying us. This decision came around the same time we changed our wedding itinerary from multi day to single day.

So, we need a second honeymoon without everyone

Having said that, I did ask my mum if she wanted to come to Canada with us as. She has wanted to go to Canada for a while. Kindly, mum refused. No matter how much I insisted. There isn’t a person I can think of that wouldn’t love Canada if they went. I know that for sure now having been myself. I told her on our return that she missed out. There was a lot of driving so really, she may have hated a road trip with us. We will never know.

About the day 8 mark, given that we have constantly crossed time zones and spent hours and hours on flights, we felt like we had been away for close to a month. Hawaii and food poisoning seemed like a life time ago. It doesn’t feel like Hawaii was part of this holiday and boy oh boy Whistler is already a distant memory.

At that time while driving along a random highway – probably through the prairies – I can remember thinking that it was easy to recall the wedding. All the silly little things we did on the day. Being fools, the heat, photos, elephant, dancing, sitting, waiting, but I have no idea what happened yesterday. It was an odd feeling. We hadn’t actually been away from home for weeks. We had only been in Canada a couple of nights. It really felt like one of the longest holidays we have ever had.

Second honeymoon and then I moved away

I did move to New Zealand on the 16th day after we left for our honeymoon. Triston was meant to apply for a work transfer and would move as well. He didn’t get that role and it was indicated to him that another wouldn’t be available for a long time so I moved back to Sydney. Disgruntled, I didn’t return to working in an office. Work from home for me, or nothing.

Our honeymoon officially ended 6 August 2017
We lost one day due to time zones
I started work in Auckland 7th August 2017

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