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Honeymoon – terrifying 5 minutes


We were getting settled in our room. Not everything on a honeymoon needs to be luxurious. It is a hot room so I went to the “Ice and Vending” room that we saw while parking. It was just outside our room.

The hotel rooms were arrange in the shape of a H. The long sides were the blocks of rooms and the dash to join them was the ice and vending room. It looks to be a supply closet as well. There is a path around all the rooms, so the dash doesn’t join to the long sides but it would just be a fancy H then.

The rooms on the ground level have a front and back door. Our back door opens to the dash and other set of rooms. The door into ice and vending room faces the other set of rooms so I had to walk all the way around. Not a long walk but once on the other side I cannot see our room any more.

Our room is not the end room but one room in. There was a gate from the store room to our building preventing people walking in to the block any further than the first room. So I had to walk through the gate.

I can’t see our room and I had to go through a gate. Nothing creepy about that. Not even late at night, on my own. All those things are perfectly fine on any normal day.

Honeymoon hotel, a budget motel just off the main road. Canada. Banff
I don’t remember our room looking like this but it is from the hotel website so it would be similar. Door front and back.

Surrounded by woods on the edge of town.

Canada. Banff
This is the hotel location, generally it backed on to nature reserve.

For reasons I don’t remember, I decided to walk over alone. TW offered to come with me but I was quickly checking if there was anything and if there was I would come back for money. I left the back door open, went through the gate but closed it and went to look in the ice and vending room to see if I could buy a cold bottle of water.

I went in and there was no vending machine that I could see but the ice machine was massive and blocking the view to the left side of the room so I stepped in to the room the door closed quickly behind me. It was pitch black, I turned to find the light switch and put it on. The ice machine overwhelmed the room and no light got beyond it. I looked around it and there was just bare wall, as I had suspected but I really wanted a cool drink of water.

It was a bit creepy and had nothing of interest so I made the obvious decision to leave. Every door had a glass panel, our front and back door, that of every other room and the door I came through for the ice and vending room. Glass panelled wooden doors. Every single one. So as I leave, I am confronted by an unexpected image in the glass panel.

Canada. Banff
What my brain processes I am seeing.

From honeymoon to hell

I don’t know why my reaction was to look behind me but I did and when you look back the image is gone, right. Every single time. It doesn’t stop your heart racing and your stomach jumping to your throat. Why didn’t I bring TW with me. What the hell did I just see. It is late, I am tired, try not to look like you are running from a murderer while you leave the room – just in case someone was on the outside. Play it cool.

I check the room I am in once more, I am safe in here if I need to lock the door. I put my hand on the light switch, turn it off, it is pitch black so quickly turn it back on. Open the door and BAM!

Hi you on your honeymoon? I am watching you. Creepy window ghost staring at me on our honeymoon. Canada. Banff
Yay for eyes and my brain filling in the blanks with every horror movie / supernatural reference it can find.

The room opposite, its front door, its glass panelled front door, shows the creepiest image anyone can see at 1am. A stranger, standing at the door, the light behind them, staring.

If I have learnt anything from watching TV, it is that all I have to do is safely get back to my room because these guys are about to show up and make sure we are safe. Unless we are about to be 90% of the people in their episodes that get killed before and sometimes while they are sorting the problem. Eeek.

Honeymoon hero. Sam and Dean Winchester to save the day. Hopefully. Canada. Banff
Queue Sam and Dean and the Supernatural rescue where not everyone gets killed, hopefully.

Is this happening. On my honeymoon?

So ok, I know how this goes. Now I realise what we have done. We have checked in to every Supernatural hotel room every, backing on to a random forrest – where all the creepies hang out – and I am outside, alone, with the back door to our room open for anyone to enter.

Why! We literally have twin beds in our room (it was a queen and a double).

Honeymoon. Canada. This is basically what we looked like only it was night and put a ghost in the window opposite.
Welcome to Supernatural – where all your honeymoon lodging dreams come true.

New plan. Stop looking in to that room, turn off light, walk like you aren’t about to be murdered back to room, lock all doors. No. Get to room, check if anyone else is now in there, make sure TW is in there, lock all doors. Re lock. Lock again. Maybe push a chair up against the doors.

With my fright I had moved my hand off the light switch and the door had closed on to me. I was partially in the doorway but I had to open the door again to turn off the light. Why I am worrying about a light, I don’t know, environment or something. I open the door and turn it off. It is now quite dark. There were some lights for the path but not near me so it was light coming through trees and although I couldn’t see if from where I was there would be light from our room because the back door was open.

Fight or Flight – get me out of here!

The creepy, staring person in the other room is no longer at their window watching me. I don’t wait around to see if they are going to leave the room or if they have simply moved to the window and not door way. I round the corner walking like I am about to get murdered but pretending I don’t really think that. Struggle with the gate, like you see in every horror movie and get back to our room. Door still open. TW on bed.

I close the door, look in the bathroom, lock the bathroom door.
Lock the front door.
Check the back door.
Check the front door.
Drink some tap water.
Sit in bed.

And wait.

Honeymoon day six was 26 July 2017
Originally posted 27th August 2017
Updated 3 November 2019


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