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House Hunters International – stage five

We are slowly progressing with our house hunters international audition/application. Or maybe we are constantly heading for the bin but Singapore is so hot they really want to get us on, if only we weren’t so boring?

Monday comes, we stay up. We did a workout, a big exhausting workout. Got to get TV ready, don’t you know. It has been a long day and we are both a bit over it to be honest. We just want to go to bed. The work out was in the morning but we don’t have the energy to still be up. Well, that isn’t a great combination.

There is no need to be TV ready if we don’t get picked because we are too boring to watch. Being exhausted and just sitting there wanting to go to sleep doesn’t seem like the best plan.

She lets us know the pitch will happen that day or Tuesday. The pitch to the network, she had already pitched us internally and people loved our story, but… can we talk to each other. Great, kind of. As the process goes along we kind of understand where we went wrong but by that time it is too late to do anything about it.

house hunters international filming in singapore
Triston looks bored while filming. I can have energy, just not when it’s needed. Lol

You can read, overhear or be told things but they are just words. I don’t know what having energy looks like. Especially when you are talking to no one. I already talk with my hands too much.

Dear House Hunters International, I don’t know what “more energy” means

That isn’t really what they mean. They don’t mean jump around. They don’t mean be bouncing off the walls or talking fast. Not even talking with your hands.

You know when you go to a lecture or a tour or information session, something where you have an expert talking. Some experts do what they do because they do it. You don’t know why, they don’t know why but it just is what they do. Others do what they do because it is one of the most interesting things in the world to them.

You can feel their passion and excitement for the subject. They want you to be the second speaker. You don’t have to do or say anything in any way but you need to come across as that second option. You be you – just be the one that exudes passion, desire, interest. The one that gets the audience involved, motivated, excited. Just chatting, it isn’t enough.

Ok, so I know that now. Do I know how to act that out when I am talking about something that was neither easy nor particularly interesting? The moving overseas part, the travel part, yes I have that in the bag but I also need to let Triston talk.

He can be so boring, he speaks so slowing and always on the most boring subjects he can think of. Things he has no interest in. But it is probably me who let us down.

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