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House Hunters International – stage four

house hunters international filming in sydney

It turns out I didn’t have to wait long. On my Wednesday morning, following the Friday submission, I had an email. All of our House Hunters paperwork has been approved but can we just update something in the video. Our house tour portion was shocking and she asked us if we could redo it. Rightly so.

I let her know we were now in Hong Kong for a couple of days but we would do it as soon as we got back. Do it as she asked. We would need to buy a selfie stick, I guess we could have gotten a third person to help but it is all kind of hush hush at this point so it is a bit awkward to ask someone and not explain why.

There were other questions, around our availability. And a suggestion that filming was from any time in the next 3 months. Oh My God. We have eaten way too much and not gone to the gym at all, like we were supposed to. We need time to be TV ready. It is exciting, but if the camera adds 10 pounds we need to lose a person.

I quick response back, did I have any of the original footage with me. I was sure I didn’t because we had so many IT issues in creating it. iMovie had a few stored pieces, so I went ahead and created a project of those and sent them over because I could do that from Hong Kong.

To reshoot or not reshoot

Terrible scenes and out-takes, so embarrassing and actually really long so very time-consuming. I let her know that it was terrible. We will still film a quick re-do when we got home but if she found something good in the bits I had then she would have something ready earlier.

I got an email back the next morning our time to say it was ok, no need to reshoot it. I still considered it as we would be home in about 12 hours but she said not to so when we got home we didn’t. Then I woke to an email to say she had pitched it internally which went ok but could she get more footage of us chatting and asked for another skype call.

She certainly is giving us a lot of chances not to fail! We were already home so said any time would be ok. Anytime is difficult because really she starts her shift at about 10pm our time and finishes about 6am our time. Anytime is a difficult time when I don’t get my response to her before she leaves the office. It might be Monday but I said we sure can and we will stay up until Midnight to see if she wants to set a time for her Friday work day.

the old police station singapore
Filming our house hunters international audition video
Filming our house hunters international audition video

Things are kind of moving a bit quick now. We aren’t fit and tv ready yet! And we just had a mini holiday with a heck of a lot of food included. But it is very exciting. We weren’t sure on the time frames and my biggest anxiety was about having done something wrong and waiting to be told so. I don’t mind if we aren’t selected. It has been fun already.

Our house hunters audition video needs a redo

If we took a bit more time to follow the instructions, probably should have bought a selfie stick right away. And didn’t have the argument on that first Saturday we probably would have had a definitive response already. Because we wouldn’t need to redo the things we are trying to redo now.

I don’t know that we would be prepared for that so soon though. It has been months since we first applied but this part is happening quite quickly. So if we had a 2 week turn around from submitting our application form answers to being told film dates, I think we would be beside ourselves with fear.

Friday night comes and I stay awake. She gets my email before midnight my time and asks if we are ready and able to have a quick chat. Triston is snoring away so I touch him and ask is he up for the skype call. It would be our last attempt to get it right and I feel we should make her job as easy as possible.

Fort Canning Park to Clarke Quay, Filming our house hunters international audition video

Triston kind of murmurs something but he isn’t really waking him. He has been snoring away for hours now so even if he does wake up he isn’t going to be “on” enough for this call to make the impact everyone is hoping for.

House Hunters trying to skpye

I reply and say I can’t wake Triston can we do Monday and she is happy with that. Triston believes he woke up right away and so he asks me why we aren’t already doing the call. It will be Monday, he is confused. It is well after midnight now, he didn’t really wake up but he did go right back to snoring. His brain has stored the memory and played it back to him so in his mind, it has all just happened. In reality, it happened over 90 minutes ago.

Now we have to wait until Monday. Gah. I would rather have done it now. Then she would have it and have all day to do what she needed with it. Waiting a whole weekend and until Monday night is so tough. It makes the whole process a little longer for us. So I think anyway.

If we had hit our marks in the first place we probably would have the response already but…. we might be too boring for TV so they have to check. I mean, I am pretty sure that is what they are checking for. In theory, everything is great and interesting and slightly different from what has happened before. In reality, we might just be deadpan boring when being watched. So. Um. Hmmm.

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