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House Hunters International – stage six

We aren’t actors, we haven’t had lessons or classes or any kind of education in this. We have had notes and feedback but we don’t know how to translate them to actions for our House Hunters International audition and application. It feels like we are failing even though they keep lowering the bar for us. Sigh.

The process has taught us and given us practice but did we manage to learn those things in time to be successful? It does place us better for next time but what about this time? I don’t know when, where, what the next time might be.

I wonder if I should email her and let her know we will practice, take lessons or do anything she recommends. Is that what they would want?

We will know by the end of the week, words that echo through my mind constantly while we wait to find out. Waiting isn’t stressful nor is it exciting.

Waiting for the final decision from House Hunters International and the network

We can’t change what we have done so no need to stress, we are getting fit and healthy for our own sakes anyway. If we get the episode we might ramp it up but at the moment we are doing the reasonable healthy thing. Nothing extreme, some exercise and a healthier diet.

It has all felt surreal so we don’t think we are getting an episode, that removes the need for excitement. Also, we know that if we had of been good enough in the first place we wouldn’t have needed to reshoot things so that makes us think we won’t be picked. Two sides of the same coin.

If she tells us we have been picked, that’s when we can stress and be excited but mostly stressed and no doubt running to shape up.

A quick follow up email on her Friday to let us know that she hadn’t yet heard back but she thinks it is looking good. Also, would the 13th in Australia and 25-28th April work in Singapore?

I got the email Saturday morning and I thought at the time I would stress all weekend about it but I promptly replied. YES! Of course. Anything will work. We will make it work.

Busy weekend with visitors

My Aunt and Uncle actually arrived early evening that Saturday and we were so busy from their arrival until 11pm Monday night that I didn’t really think about it at all.

Then, Tuesday, I woke up to the email. All good and those dates are now firm. We have an episode. Wooohooo!

House Hunters International Sydney darling harbour filming
Darling Harbour

Everything is now confirmed

Now, a second email that same day US time with some forms. We printed most and sent them back. Half were wrong and we still had to print the ones we forgot. An email overnight to let us know we needed to actually complete the forms haha, oops our bad. Too excited.

With another email and another set of forms. I am pretty sure those we printed and completed properly. Mostly because I was the only one who needed to complete them and they were for the money. Money, money money. Not a whole lot but possibly enough to cover everything we need to do to prepare.

Reality check: we are not prepared for filming an episode of house hunters international, eeek!

So we now have just a couple of weeks before filming. I need to book a flight, Triston needs to change his flight and we didn’t actually get fit at any time. Ha. Oh well. All that time in the hotel didn’t make us put on a heap of weight or anything (it did).

Given we got the email in January and we got the final word at the end of March, I thought other applicants might be interested in the timeline. I have read other blogs but they kind of blah blah blah over the details. It was the details I was stressing over.

You can read more about our house hunters international experience here.

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