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House Hunters International – stage three

A Singapore shop house building

At 6:48 am my gmail updated to say one new email. Not many people have my Gmail so it tends to be spam. I clicked to the tab to delete the spam and there it was. House Hunters International. Woo hoo, I got something!

I checked my main email and it was there too, in my junk email. I moved it straight away, how rude of my email. Gah! I have replied to her past emails, how can you trash further correspondence? 100% this is not trash! Damn filter. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

Yay, we officially made it to the House Hunters International video/audition stage

Saturday morning we went about starting to film the video application that is required. Triston was in a mood so we called it off. We didn’t even get more than 100m away from our place before he threw his tantrum. It was pretty disappointing. I had been so happy and excited and he just ruined my day.

Sunday we tried again.

We filmed a bit with our compact camera and tripod, out by my favourite building. Then we did the house tour and the interview section with the drone. The drone didn’t save footage to the iphone properly so the sound and image were not synched and the quality was just terrible.

Our town filming was also a bit of a miss because it was just so loud outside. Even when it was quiet it was loud and hard to hear us speak. Super frustrating. We received her email Saturday morning with the request to get some things back within the week. We had just wasted the weekend and have nothing to make a video with.

Monday, Triston forgot to print the forms. Tuesday he remembered and he also needed to take a copy of the lease. I sent the lease over on Wednesday and was waiting for the owner to sign their form (to allow access to film here). Thursday I waited and checked what he thought of the form. There was a hint that it wouldn’t be signed.

Let’s try that again

During the week day evenings we had to try and film everything again. There were so many failed attempts and on Thursday we decided just to go with what we had so I edited and sent it over along with our forms. Friday evening we received the signed forms from the owner. Wow, he signed. We had submitted everything within the week. I was happy but now, we had to wait.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore from Raffles one of our proposed filming locations for our house hunters international audition

Our video was not the most amazing thing, not as boring as some we had seen. It is kind of stressful filming. No matter how much we tried to have fun because we had to run back and forth to check the camera it wasn’t super fun. Stressing about that kind of made us look stiff, I guess. Maybe we are just stiff.

Even when we just held the camera we had issues. Any loud noise would startle us or make us tense up. Plus it would be picked up and we already know I can’t edit the sounds out. Having one extra person to calm you down and set you straight, might have helped.

We had received an email response when submitting the lease and when I sent over our forms and video. When I sent the owners paperwork there wasn’t a response, it made me uneasy. Like she had seen the video and not liked it but hadn’t had the time or heart yet to say no. I would happily follow direction and try again but I just need to know where we went wrong.

Those thoughts were in my head because I knew some parts weren’t great, some things she asked for we couldn’t quite do properly.

You can read more about our house hunters international experience here

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