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House Hunters International – stage two

With the house hunters international phone appointment locked in, we actually managed to have the Skype call. It lasted about 20 minutes and shortly after we got an email. The email had the full application form attached.

Well, it came over as 5 pages of questions and went back as 24/25 with my answers. I have read people say theirs went back as 9 or 10. Maybe their forms were different. If I didn’t go into detail, I would say the responses would have made it 20 pages. But the email specifically asked for detail.

Your job in answering is to give the producer as much information as possible so they can look through what is there to build an episode. You might think your story is unique and wonderful but after all of the episodes on air and cast, it might not be so unique to the production company. So fill that baby out with as many options of different stories as you can think of.

Filling out the house hunters application form

Why did you move? You all know and love the show right? Give the narrator something interesting to say. List every reason why you moved, not just the big one. Not the one that happened directly before you booked the tickets but all the smouldering reasons that have been on the back burner.

I got the forms on Friday and sent them back on Monday. It took us the whole weekend to fill it out. We did start and stop and come back to it. Some questions took a lot of thinking and others were easy but there is something like 100 questions so it is going to take a decent amount of time to complete.

We got an email back pretty quick to thank us for filling it in and someone would be in touch about the next steps. Either the person we were already speaking with or someone else. It was someone else. A week after we had our first Skype call, we had an email to schedule our second.

Second skype call with house hunters

The second call lasted nearly an hour. I had Skype issues that time for sure. Triston’s was working but it was on his phone so we were trying to get my laptop Skype to work. She had tried to call me and it failed. I tried to call her three times and it failed. I had to remove and then add her again. That time it went through and we were away.

This call was to clarify things on our application and just confirm some others. Not everything on the form was referred to though I had a lot of detail so not a lot needed to be clarified. We were told that the next thing to happen would be an email with more forms and we would have to complete a casting/application video.


I was going to wait up all night for the email, just to get the jump on it. Good thing I didn’t as it didn’t come through that night. When we woke up and didn’t have it, we were in a bit of a panic. Did we fail that interview? Was it my hair. Was it because my hair was crazy? It was 10pm at night and I had a long day, they take that into consideration right? The first time we dressed up for it but today I was too tired so I told Triston he didn’t need to either. Oh man, did we fail because we didn’t dress up tonight?

House hunters international a fresh start in singapore

Fast forward through the next day, we weren’t going to get an update while she was out of the office. We stay up past midnight watching the new season of Orange is the new black. I am over the show, I didn’t even know there were more episodes but Triston put it on. Lola came to cuddle us just as we were going to bed so we watched two more with her because you don’t move when she has come specifically to express her love for you.

Were we too political for house hunters

We didn’t have the email before bed and I was disappointed. Something I had done or said, no doubt. Triston told me after the call that I shouldn’t mention Mr Trump until I know someone’s political inclinations. I said it was a valid concern of ours about moving to America.

Also, it was considered in the context of moving closer to North Korea. If Mr Trump is going to start a war we don’t really want to be in either of the regions, but anyway. When we didn’t get the email he said, well it could have been your Trump comment or it could have been your crazy hair, so. So? So you’re saying it was me?!

I wake up at about 6am on the morning after that second night and no email. Oh, I guess they have gone in another direction. That is totally ok. We aren’t actors, we blew it. They have so many applications, no doubt there were some great phone calls after us on Thursday and further decent applicants on Friday.

You can read more about our house hunters international experience here.

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