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First trip to Thailand, Hua Hin – Home

Hyatt Regency Hua Hin pool access room

The trip was great. Hua Hin, well the Hyatt Regency at least we didn’t do a huge amount of exploring, was very relaxing. Instant feeling of holiday and relaxation.

I did miss Singapore. TW says he didn’t, he wants one of the suites to be his real home. Just to make sure we never travel again.

Hua Hin Hyatt Regency

The best part about our stay at Hua Hin, was everything. We used points for the room. We got an upgrade to a suite with pool access (our own secluded and private entrance to the pool). The globalist benefit of club lounge means we had free breakfast, free all day snacks and non-alcoholic drinks and free evening canapes with alcoholic drinks.

To save money we had lunch at the club lounge and had free drinks. Our first night, TW had some snacks in the lounge and then his welcome food for dinner (banana and a dragonfruit). I just have some lounge snacks. There was a lot of variety and it was spicy so I probably filled up on water.

The second night saw different foods in the lounge so I had to try those. Wowee those were hot hot spicy. TW specifically wanted to go to the markets for food so he just had 2 beers and a bacardi and 7-up.

Night Markets Hua Hin

Just in front of the hotel entrance were those night markets, TW used the last of our cash. The money I converted for the taxi ride back in Phuket. He bought a few dishes at the markets and was pretty pleased with himself for dinner. The markets are cheap but not really. They are markets for tourists.

The pizza in the markets is actually more expensive than at the hotel so not everything is a good deal. We had hotel pizza. It was really good actually.

Hua Hin Hyatt Regency Pizza
Pizza and a vegetarian lasagne

So we paid for two lunches at the hotel. That was all for food. A small amount of cash for dinner at the markets. We used the Hyatt shuttle from Bangkok to Hua Hin but we were using a private transfer (taxi not through the hotel) to get back as the shuttle runs in the morning. Our flight home isn’t until 9:30pm and we have a late checkout. Plus it is cheaper to pay a taxi than use the hotel transfer. It is a similar price for a taxi to the airport as it is for 2 people in the Hyatt shuttle between Bangkok and Hua Hin.

All said and done we spent less than $150 in 2.5 days in Hua Hin. Yes, the points helped. The hotel was over $400 a night this weekend, for the cheapest room. Our room would have been a lot more. If we didn’t have globalist we could have had cheap breakfasts but the included breakfast was pretty good.

Hyatt Regency Hua Hin

TW keeps saying he doesn’t know if he can stay in a hotel where he isn’t upgraded to a suite. If we come back would he be happy staying in the room we have booked rather than a suite. It is a nice hotel but did we only like it because of our cute hidden little (huge) room? Do we now have to book suites everywhere just in case he can’t get a free upgrade? Hmm. That could be expensive.

Home now, happy to be back. I missed Singapore. It is a simple, clean, organised way of life. I like it. I understand it. This makes sense to me.

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