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First trip to Thailand – Hua Hin day 2

Hyatt Recency Hua Hin

This morning, we excitedly went for breakfast knowing that afterwards the pool and slide would be open.

We didn’t realise the slide was closed until 10am. We did, however, take forever at breakfast. By the time we got in the pool and swam around to prove it is one big pool and got back to the slide it was right on 10am. TW started up the steps but he found a gate. The gate was closed. Behind him was a worker so TW came back and let the worker up first.

Woohoo, first people on the slide. TW went first and I filmed him from the top. Me next, with my phone in hand. Well, I didn’t read the safety sign. The signs say sit up and cross your arms on your chest. I torpedoed down. My understanding was you should lay flat. I had more speed and velocity down the slide than was scientifically sound.

At the second ridge, I was airborne. I was still in the air and running out of slide. I was in a bit of a panic, the slide was about to end, I was still 10 meters in the air and the splash pool is pretty shallow. This is not going to end well. Much to my relief, I hit the slide just in time for the gentle curve of the last little bit to guide me into the splash pool. I was however out of breath at that moment as I had been whimpering in my panic and breathing out. So right as my feet reentered the water of the slide, I took a nice breath in. Still inhaling as I tumbled into the splash zone and slipped underwater.

Well, that is one way to make your presence known. A huge splash and a splutter and cough as you emerge from under the water. Everyone by the poolside was totally judging us. Not our fault they have let the life inside them die.

One husband/partner was longing to have a go himself but they also have no kids, well that didn’t have any with them. I guess they could have left them at home or dumped them in the kids club. Anyway, you could see he was desperate for a go but his wife/partner wasn’t having a bar of it.

TW wanted another go. He thought it looked so fun while I was flailing through the air and he had sat up for his run. Just like the instructions at the top had said – which I did not see. So he wanted me to film him coming down, from where I was now, and he would torpedo down also.

It was a bit too ferocious for him. Not too interested in another run after that. The speed and ferocity saw him skim across the splash pond and tumble and he almost hurt himself.

We have a bit of a float about, talking about how fast and high we went. TW admits I was flying higher than he did and he thought it looked fun but actually it was a bit scary. We were going to leave the pool but I said if I didn’t have another go, I probably wouldn’t. TW has been twice, to my once, but he comes up with me to have another go anyway.

He is going to film the run as he goes down this time. I set it up for him, all he needs to press is record, I pointed out the red button. Just hit this before you go. I have my go first. Just like the sign says, I sit up, cross my arms and down I go.

If the first time was scary this time was traumatic. I don’t think I go any slower but not it is all messy. Unbalanced, I don’t know if I want to fall forwards or back. I feel unstable. Like a baby giraffe. I am sure I was wearing a bathing suit when I started on the slide. Now, I just don’t know.

There is a wedgie for sure but is there any bathing suit left on the outside. Who knows. Awkard for all those people looking up at me, annoyed that I am making noise and having fun. That’s going to be one hell of an eye full.

Well, the water might obstruct their view and I might be moving fast enough for them not to fully process what they see. I didn’t stop to ask. I enter the water like a Mac truck that has just been dropped by a tornado. Less than graceful, a decent number of bounces and rolls. Once I come to a stop, I need to retrieve my bathing suit from every crack and crevice.

In hindsight, one go was probably enough for me. TW follows once I am out of the way. He hits the “record” button on my phone and launches himself. His entrance to the splash zone, is basically him standing up. He just happened to land in the pool on his feet. Excitedly, he brings my phone over to me to watch the video. He took a photo. TW just doens’t understand how to hit record.

Neither of us are up for another run to correct that mistake. We retreat to our room to lick our wounds and I need to charge my phone because it is flat.

I dry it out but because it has 0% battery left it doesn’t do its usual buzz buzz noise to unplug it because it is still wet. So it didn’t get unplugged in time, we guess. And that is how I broke my phone.

No photos, no video.

I am sure other things happened today but my phone was broken so how would I know. You can always see other photos here.

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