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First trip to Thailand, Phuket day 1

Hyatt regency Phuket club pool

Trip 1 to Thailand. I assume the first of many, or at least more. Phuket is our first stop, we are booked in at the Hyatt Regency Phuket.

Jetstar meal singapore to phuket
The Jetstar plus bundle hot meal set

We took Jetstar flights because they were nice and cheap. I forgot I booked mine with the plus bundle so I was getting a meal on the flight. If I remembered that I probably wouldn’t have eaten at the airport. Too late now. My food arrives – ice cream, water and a pad thai with prawns. It is 8am, I did order the main but I still mentally thought it was the nighttime flight on Friday as it would have been my preference.

Jetstar asia Pad Thai with Prawns
Pad Thai with prawns

I offer my meal around to anyone and everyone I can get the attention of. It is going to be wasted otherwise. It can’t come into the country, I will have no way to reheat it and it is piping hot right now so someone must be hungry. Nope, no one trusts airline food or the girl trying to give it away. So I opened it. It didn’t look too bad. It also didn’t look amazing. After stirring it about it but, it looked better. I had a taste test and it was a bit limey and fish sauce for me. Not the way I like my Pad Thai but I have had worse recently so all in all, not a bad effort for airline food.

ice cream on air asia flight
Ice cream

Airport Debarcle

We arrived as another flight arrived. Immigration was quite busy. While large lines formed behind us, as time went on the people at the end of the queues were ushered over to the shorter lines. Eventually we were too but we ended up as the last people to be processed in to the country, in that batch.

Our bags were ready and waiting for us, there is a bright side to it. Off to get a taxi or a grab. We head to one of the taxi stands – they have prepaid taxis here. They promptly tell us Thai Bhat only or Euro. Cash for sure though, no cards. We don’t have Euro or Baht, just Singapore Dollars or Card.

So TW ordered a Grab. The Grab driver refuses to move from where he is parked and poorly explains to TW where we need to go. We tried to follow his directions but after multiple calls, TW just asked him directly – can’t you come to where we are? Obviously, the answer was no, I didn’t hear it though, because TW follows that with ok cancel it then.

Back to square one, we have to get cash. TW goes in to get cash and I catch him returning from one of the booking stands. I get the bags together and start walking to him when he shakes his head and says he hadn’t sorted anything. I am so confused. He hadn’t gone to get the money, he just went and asked if anyone took cards.

I was sure I saw and ATM inside so I head back in. The exit we came out through is an exit only so I have to find an entrance. Instead of taking money from an ATM, it was actually hard to find one, I counted the cash I had in my bag. I had more than I thought and it would be enough to cover the cab after being converted to Baht. So I converted that money. Airports aren’t known for having great exchange rates but it was fair enough.

Hotel Check-in

All that took about 2 hours, sadly. The drive over took close to an hour. We had thought our early morning flight would get us a full day to enjoy Phuket. Alas, by the time we got away from the airport it was well after 10:30am – on an 8:35am touchdown. So we really get one day to relax – tomorrow and today is a little bit wasted. C’est la vie.

Then when we arrived at the hotel, it was still well before check-in time. Our choice was to wait while the suite we were upgraded to was vacated and then cleaned or take a room that was available but it would not be an upgrade. We weren’t really given the option, we were told our suite upgrade wasn’t ready and was this ok. It was an opening for TW to say that we would take whatever room was available but he wanted to wait for the Hill Top Regency Suite. So we did.

We are taken up to the lounge while we wait. It is pretty nice and has a small private pool for all the club lounge level guests. We hang out for a little while but get a bit hungry so head back down to the reception area for lunch.


Inspired by my plane food TW orders pad Thai with prawns while I opt for the massaman beef. Oh nom nom, it was soo good. My massaman was likely enough for two people. TW finished it for me, I don’t know if he would have been full if we shared just that one meal. Close enough though, I reckon. Maybe a little more rice, a bowl each but it was actually massive.

Massaman beef at Phuket Hyatt Regency

The menu pricing here is cheap for Sydney Thai, well quality Sydney Thai but no doubt expensive for Thailand. Our booking at the Hyatt Regency Phuket was made via Planetdwellers. They are members of an invite-only exclusive travel agent club with Hyatt – called Privé. Booking that way got us a free full breakfast, $100 resort credit and an upgrade.

Pad Thai prawn at Phuket Hyatt Regency

TW is a globalist now, the hights member level with Hyatt which also entitles him to an upgrade. Globalist benefits get him free club lounge access where there is one. So his combined Privé booking and globalist, plus a good word from the Andaz in Singapore, it’s not what you know, its who right? He is likely to have received multiple upgrades because of all this. Our room might be the nicest of all the rooms and suites at the hotel. There are two bedroom suites but we don’t need a whole extra bedroom so they may be the only rooms nicer. No guarantees they are, I haven’t seen them.

Anyway, my point is, we have USD$100 to spend at the hotel because of the Privé priveledges. And when we have breakfast free and evening canapes and drinks also included free. Open snacks all day. Higher then the local area prices for food isn’t really an issue, we are going to struggle to get through it all. Probably have to go get a massage or something.

Our Room

jacuzzi terrace at hyatt regency phuket thailand
King bed with terrace (room not a suite but has the jacuzzi!)

TW has been banging on all week how he would rather be upgraded to the 1 King Bed Deluxe Club Access with Pool room than a suite. Having your own pool is more luxurious. This had been his chance to mention it so when he didn’t I asked why. He wanted to see the suite first before deciding a pool was better. Our bathroom is pretty killer. Even though we can see to rooms with the jacuzzi on their decks, I am happy with our room. The bathtub is right under the window.

hill top regency suite our private deck
Hill Top Regency Suite – our private deck

When we get to the room, it is just a little different to the one mentioned on their website. They have given us a huge private deck (no pool or jacuzzi) but huge. There is a little deck, linked via stairs to the huge deck. This deck is also used for wedding ceremonies. They change the furnishings but it is one of the options available for those getting married. It is next to the Sunset Grill Restaurant so would be super convenient for a wedding. Restaurant guests can’t get out on to the deck now though. It does mean our room is next to the restaurant but this isn’t a booming party hotel so we are pretty sure it isn’t turning in to a night club after dinner.

Hill Top Regency Suite - Phuket Size
This is our room. On the left the lounge, middle is bathroom and to the right is the bedroom.

The room is impressive. Add a kitchen and we can live here. TW says he would like our flat in Singapore to be updated like this. I ask at what cost, does he want to pay the additional rent as well. No no, like this but the rent we pay. Yes, that would be good, fantastic even. A place decked out like this, at the rent we pay. Ha, we would never leave Singapore!

lounge, Hill Top Regency at Hyatt Regency Phuket
lounge room

I should show you photos of the bathroom. The toilet is on one side of the hall, a usual toilet with its own sink. I will skip the photo of that. It does make it a three way bathroom though.

Bathroom - sink area, Hill Top Regency at Hyatt Regency Phuket
Double sinks

So on the other side of the hall is another sink area. Sink and dressing area I guess. And then the shower and bath are off to the side, behind glass doors. Both sections have skylights. The bathroom is so cavernous that I struggled with taking a photo so I took a video instead.

Evening Canapés

Hyatt regency Phuket club pool

We had been at the lounge earlier, as mentioned. At 5pm the pool closes (just at the lounge the main pool is still open). The food is set up for the complimentary drinks and canapé session that runs through until 7pm. The pool was actually making for a stunning view with no one in it. The calm settled water reflecting back the pretty sky while looking out over the ocean.

Hyatt regency Phuket club lounge bread meat and dips

Eventually we head down for some evening canapés. We planned to have dinner after but after sampling everything we were kind of tired and full.

Hyatt regency Phuket club lounge cheese display

The selection was pretty good. Cheese and cold cuts with smoked salmon in the fridge. Crackers, breads, dips and sauces. Spring rolls, deep fried prawns (just the tiny ones), nasi goreng and a green curry.

In the fridge were desserts and chilled salad options. I found the Thai beef salad in there. It was really good but also quite spicy. Between the two of us, we struggled to finish the little jar. We ate a slice of chilli and we were done.

Hyatt regency Phuket club lounge salad items

Of the desserts, my favourite were the ones I didn’t think I would like. One – on the plate – was actually a sweet corn dessert. The one I assume to be peach and custard kind of was but didn’t taste at all what I thought. If they have the same tomorrow I will take a better photo because they were so interesting once you tried to eat them. I made a mess with the green one and we both skipped the fruit.

Hyatt regency Phuket club lounge desserts

We head back to our room. I had a bath. We watched some storms roll in and drifted off to sleep watching the lights from boats in the distance.

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