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India/Wedding photo

Ah. When checking in with Khaver – the founder of Secrets of India, the people who organised our wedding and tour of India – he sent me a photo.

A photo of his computer with a photo of us not the file itself. I think the file is coming. I will remind him later.

I don’t remember ever seeing this photo before.

It was a nice throwback. To a time when travel was available to the masses.

Make the most of today because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Such a nice, unexpected little treat for the day.

I don’t actually remember the photo being taken. I guess it was because we are in it. It had to be the final night because all the crew are in it. I just don’t remember much. Probably because we went straight from that dinner to the airport.

Things don’t look amazing for India at the moment but hopefully, there is some breakthrough and this spread of Covid can be stopped, slowed, obliterated. Something. Anything. I want to go back to India. I want my friends to make it through this.

Most people I know are decently safe, even the ones who caught covid. Some of those friends had family members die though so while I guess a lot of people have decided this is a hoax and a slight headache, I know people who have the heartache of reality. Not everyone makes it through.

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