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Investing + covid19

Day two of phase one after the circuit breaker in Singapore.


We both went out today but not together. I got food at lunch for lunch. I didn’t get everything we needed so we didn’t have the right ingredients to make dinner. Lunch was awesome though. Triston went out at dinner for groceries but he bought those and dinner.

Bad news today is we have bills due on investment properties. We have to pay the lease fee on leasehold land. We have strata fees due. All of the annual rates are due. Insurance is due and we need to change the policy but we can’t as there is an embargo on new policies or changes.

Good news. We received some rent for our apartment leased to the hotel. In March we were told they had to swap from the lease terms to an agreement with us. We could elect to take over the apartment or go 50/50 with them on any money they make from ours.

We had no one stay in April. May, we managed 16 nights in our apartment. We were sure it would be empty the whole month so it was a nice surprice.

Travel restrictions are starting to ease off slightly so now the hotel can operate as a hotel again. Hopefully there is some solid bookings. If there is solid bookings we will revert to the lease agreement. They indicated while the travel ban was in place this 50/50 would be in place. I am not sure if they mean the international travel ban or just any ban.

Hopefully there is enough interest and future bookings with the domestic market, the few states allowed to travel freely, that they can switch back. It is nice not having to think if rent is coming in or how much we will get. Similarly, it was nice to have money when we weren’t expecting any.

I took to the stock market to make the lost rent back. I did. Luck I suppose. I could have made a lot more if I held the stocks for longer but I don’t know anything about stock trading so best to take the win where I can and be happy with small gains to ensure I don’t make a small/large loss.

We are lucky to have not had shares in the market at the time of the crash so while the market is rallying back up we have a chance to make money.

Investing during the pandemic is kind of a whole new world of risks, wins and losses.

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