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Investment property while overseas

It isn’t super stressful because we have an agent to manage the rural property but the tenant has managed to pull the kitchen tap off. So much happens out there that is a wonder what is happening. Do they have super strength or bad luck?

An email from the agent seeking approval to send a plumber and everything is sorted. No big deal. Hope it isn’t a big bill.

The more concerning investment property is the one in Sydney. We self manage it but the building has an onsite manager available during business hours. Some things are building related and some things are specific to us and our responsibility.

The tenants alerted us to a leak around New Years Eve. The usual building manager was on leave and it seemed to take about a week to get someone to go and look. Security went the day it initially happened but it was a weekend day so they aren’t a building manager. The building manager has a lot of knowledge in construction building and estimates. Eventually, the holiday building manager went and looked. Poured some water down drains, no leaks were active by then. He said they should resume normal bathroom activities and then they will look again once the leak came back.

Because we don’t know where the leak is coming from, we don’t know if it is our cost to fix – thus we need to let our insurance company know. It could be the buildings responsibility. There is a weird thing in our bylaws about original bathrooms. We have original bathrooms and those are the responsibility of the building/strata. But I think it relates to the tiles, I am not sure if it relates to a leak or split pipe or any of the other things that could be causing the leak.

We don’t know what is happening so we just don’t know yet. The building manager went up today and poured different colours dye down different drains and will wait to see what colour the stain comes through. It will happen eventually. Then we will know a bit more.

The stress is because we self manage and we don’t want our tenants living in unsafe conditions. The ceiling that the leak is a drop ceiling, hiding all the pipes and cables. It has sprinklers for the fire system, no big concern but it also has downlights, all the plumbing pipes from upstairs, including the waste pipe. Meaning there are cords, connections and effluent running through the same spot at the leak. Water and electricity are not great when mixed together. Well, they can do amazing things but not great for the general safety of our tenants.

So now we have a bigger hole – cut by the building manager to inspect inside the ceiling and some dye running through our pipes. The tenants will get home and wonder what the hell happened to the apartment while they were at work. I have told them but they are so busy, I think they don’t really get a chance to check their phones and even if they did it would still be a shock to see.

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