Moving to Singapore
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OMG constantly. It could just be a hammer drill. I don’t know. For weeks now there has been work on the wall behind us. It is a different building but by the amount of time they spend on it 7am to 6pm and given they hammer away 5.5 days a week they must be bringing the wall down. What else could they possibly be doing?

I had a migraine overnight and this incessant noise coupled with the vibration in our walls and floor is not helping. The renovations were meant to be minor and last 10 days, 2 months later it is still going. We thought it was over when the scaffolding came down but I think they just got in trouble for having it up 6.5 weeks past their permit. They hired a cherry picker to finish the external painting, which has been on the street over a week now and still little progress.

All this noise, approval for 10 days, 2 months later…. am I bothered. Do I look bothered to you? Yes, yes I do, yes I am. Very bothered.

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