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I have heard a lot about Jakarta and how terrible it is. How unsafe, dirty, just plain miserable. Bali’s terrible cousin that no one wants to visit. Not for a holiday, not for work, not for anything.

Well, Jakarta probably wasn’t high on my list of holiday destinations but I have always been interested to see the difference between a capital city and a tourist Island.

I must say, from touch down at 9:15 am local time to arriving at our hotel at 10am…… it was a far more pleasant experience than arriving into Bali.

Bali, we arrived at about 11pm the second time and the first I think it was around dusk. I can’t remember fully as it was a long while ago now. The 11 pm arrival was far more chaotic, and yes it was recent enough that the “new” airport was open, in the terminal and on the roads than here in Jakarta.

I don’t know if we just got lucky or if those who hate coming here haven’t been to Bali. It might just be those that have been to Bali, haven’t been here but decide it is terrible and go around telling everyone it must be.

We definitely heard about how terrible Jakarta is from business and leisure travellers. I have friends from Indonesia and they return “home” to visit parents in Jakarta but they didn’t grow up in this city.

So far, I love Jakarta. Like how I have never loved Bali. The airport was clean, efficient, well staffed, and generally easy. Taxi was easy. The drive to the hotel, even though it was just after 9:30, was easy. A small amount of traffic but getting from Sydney airport at 9:30am to the city takes a whole lot longer and the drive isn’t as pretty.

If you need to or indeed, want to, come to Jakarta for any reason. Don’t listen to the naysayers. It probably isn’t as bad as you think, I doubt it is as bad as they remember/think and at least you can avoid all the drunk people from Perth causing trouble at the airport in Bali. Well, we haven’t left yet so I will update you on that but they are the stand out feature of our trips to Bali. Drunk and disorderly Australians talking down to any and everyone they think is a local because all of a sudden they are on a power trip.

I am not a fan of Bali but I am not not a fan of Jakarta. I wouldn’t say I am a fan yet. Let’s see what happens.

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