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Jetpets – Lola Dubbo to Sydney complete


Lola has now successfully arrived in Sydney after her flight this morning. Jetpets booked her onto the first flight of the day with Qantas from Dubbo to Sydney.

It was an early day for her and Dad. She had to be at the airport at exactly 5am and about an hour drive to get there. Jetpets handled everything from check in.

Lollypols in Pyrmont. Travelled via jetpets
At home with Lola in Pyrmont before she moved to the farm

Mum was stressing all morning. Triston and I slept in because we went to Chinese New Year celebrations last night and then watched abducted in plain sight so were in bed after 1am. She called the pet transport people but they didn’t have an update and couldn’t get through to the boarding facility so had to call back.

Jetpets boarding called me back. Lola is confused as to where she is but is fine. She isn’t hissy or aggressive, just unsure of what the hell is going on. Which is what you would expect.

Phase two complete. Woohoo.

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This post was originally posted on 4 February 2019
The day was 4th February 2019
Updated 7 November 2019


  1. Diane Harvey says

    MT & TW it’s not too late to reconsider taking Lola to Singapore. Wondering what is going to happen when you two want to travel. As you know she cannot be left alone in your flat for days or weeks at a time. TW ‘s mum and dad would take care of her for you and you could see her when you occasionally return to Australia. They have a huge garden and she could lounge around in the sun. Just like you I am stressed about Lola!

  2. Diane Harvey says

    If the luscious Lola needs anything while she is being held in Sydney let me know. Safe journey Lola.

    • Once she sees the vet for worming and something else (might be flea treatment) she isn’t allowed visitors. Mum posted medicine over to them and I think everything else is covered.

    • Thanks 🙂 It is hard to beleive she was a rescue cat. She is so kind, sweet, fluffy and soft. Generally, just a lovely puppy-like cat and someone took her to the pound.

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