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Jobseeker & Jobkeeper extended

With roughly half of the people I know on one of these two payments because of Covid19 it is great to see some kind of extension on these.

I know a few people desperately hoping their employer keeps them on with this new announcement. They were facing a redundancy at the end of the program because it was probably still too soon, especially with these new cases, for their business to recover enough to keep them on.

Back in March most, if not all, took their sick/annual/long service leave to get those costs off the books of their employer. Some on half or some way reduced pay.

September was too soon, if their employer had to keep them on they wouldn’t be able to afford it.

These are mostly highly skilled professionals. It isn’t easy to find jobs in their field of expertise in the best of times. Understandably they are really stressed at the prospect of having to try and find something new in the worst of times. I don’t know if they can survive on the new lower amount or if the businesses they work for can ride out this shut down.

Welcome news. Better news would be covid19 no longer exists.

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