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Jollibee Singapore Lucky Plaza

So Jollibee has the most amazing commercials. You can Google them if they don’t air in your country. Be warned, that throat punch you in the feelings.

Today was my first taste. We randomly wandered in to the lucky plaza and then the food court where Jollibee sits. Yay.

I will try it in Philippines one day but it was nice to taste the product these tear jerking commercials are made for.

A nicer spice on the chicken than (the Australian) KFC hot and spicy. Better gravy. Best gravy from any fast food outlet I’ve tasted. Most of that gravy would be Australian but USA outlets also don’t compare.

The chicken wasn’t as hot as the chips which is a shame but all in all it was tasty and better than KFC in any of the countries I’ve had KFC.

Yay for Jollibee.

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