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Kai warning sign

You might remember I posted about Triston being a fan of Kai…. I remembered that prior to that I had youtube music playing and some are film clips, some are not. It just auto-plays but learned to stick with Exo or SHINee because I generally put an album on and then it plays whatever it feels like. The albums I pick are EXO or SHINee. I used to get really random things but I would hit back to exit and then start it on an album again.

Back in Feb and March when I started listening to Kpop, I had no idea who was who and didn’t really try to work it out because there seemed to be a million members. The songs would be from all different years and the hair was different, the eye colour was different, not all members were in the film clips. So, I didn’t really pay attention that much and didn’t really know .. stuff.

The other day, one of the songs I have listened to a lot played (I didn’t play/watch much in April, I was busy with other things). I have bubble and I have watched more variety shows so this time I recognised who was who.

I said, to myself, oh that is Kai. Oh, Kai is almost always front and centre then. Hmm.. (this is the only time I remember saying Kai’s name but there may have been one other, if you recall me saying I haven’t mentioned it more than twice) and out of no where Triston says – probably because he is the main dancer.

I turned and looked at him, feeling a little stupid because that is his role in the group, and said ‘mmm yeah, true’. So… Triston has been paying attention for a lot longer than I realised haha.

The internet says these kids haven’t aged or aged backwards… mmm.. Nah. They grew up for sure. They look like kids in their early works and the look older in later ones. But if you grew up with them their age relative to your own didn’t change and they probably look good for their age compared to other people you know because they spend a lot of time maintaining their health where most people don’t.

I did post somewhere that I would slowly turn everyone into a Kpop fan. I just didn’t realise I was starting with Triston. Lol. My plan was to start with friends. It is all a whole lot easier for me if he is a fan and has some favourites.

I have to try and maintain my interest so that I focus on learning Korean. It is hard. 아니오. Focusing is hard for me. I think the language kind of makes a lot of sense.


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