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Lake George

Sometimes after midnight I arrived at my sisters block of land. My dad had arrived around 9pm I think.

It is land. There is no house, no power, no water, no bathroom.

Luckily they had cabin that would be their house but they may have changed their mind on it so when I arrived I was able to climb up into that.

Four walls, a roof, a floor, almost a mattress. It wasn’t too bad. Certainly beat sleeping on a rolled up mattress in the van and the other alternative was to sleep on the wooden floor in Pyrmont as the mattress was now packed up there was nothing to sleep on in the apartment any more.

The view was nice to wake up and see. I don’t like the road but the view is nice.

My phone didn’t really capture it but somewhere off in the distance there is Lake George. For the first time in a long time I could see water in it from my sisters block of land.

The drought hasn’t broken but there has been some rain. It is always nice to see green instead of brown, though on her block the grass is still struggling.

Dad and I spent the day lazing about. There wasn’t much to do. Neither of us had a shower, though he did have a caravan with a shower available.

We went into town twice and Dad a third time for supplies – namely gas and water. His third trip was because he put water into the overflow tank not the primary tank in the caravan so we still didn’t have water. I had a nap that time.

I was super busy with work but I had no power, no internet and no reception so my phone went flat and I just generally ignored the world. It was nice to disconnect.

We spent most of the time talking about the Fire Fight Australia concert. Dad had watched on tv. He missed some of the performers but all round he was impressed. On TV he didn’t remember hearing any interference and I said I had always assumed for the TV audience they would have been able to avoid it but it was good to be there, in the crowd.

If I didn’t hire the van (which by the time we decided it was cheaper than any of the available car hire’s so we happened to move things as well) I wouldn’t have managed to see my Dad on the trip. I saw mum when I landed in Melbourne but not Dad.

He has some tests and mum as well plus I already had my tests and just waiting on the results. While we expect and have bookings for April we don’t know 100% how things will pan out and if that is going ahead or not so I didn’t want to rely on the fact that April is pretty soon and miss the chance while I had it.

Everyone should take a day or two away from a hectic schedule. Away from connectedness. It really drives a wedge between you and reality. We do need to disconnect from everything to reconnect with the world, nature, ourselves.

I have no clean clothes and can’t shower so I will be happy to return to the real world but I am going to chill while I can and just catch up with my dad.

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