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Late-night gumtree sales

investing. Sydney apartment.

On Saturday we sold our dining table and “desk”. The bench seats for the dining table to another buyer. Our lounge, with about an hours notice and then they were delayed but still, slight drama with the loading dock as it was already early evening.

Thinking the lounge was the last item to sell that day, collection after 7pm, we had dinner and settled on the floor to watch tv. Laughing at how little furnishings we had let.

Couch gone, watching TV 10pm

We were wrong though, the TV sold at 9:50pm for a 10:30pm pick up. I think they guys were high, maybe they thought we were. Who buys or sells a tv at 10pm on a Saturday night. You would think we all had something better to do. Maybe it was our fault for deciding 9:45pm was a good time to list it for sale.

The guys were in the lobby before they realised they forgot the remote. They did get to take the TV cabinet, handy for them and us, but I had to run them down the remote.

One less thing we have to worry about. We were going to keep it but we figured if someone would pay what we wanted for it then we would sell it. And we sold it within minutes.

TV now also gone, 10:30pm
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