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India Wedding

One of my most popular posts is “learning to use iMovie”. I don’t actually explain what or how in the post, just the results. What I achieved after a month.

The original post is available below.

I intend to relearn – as it has now been a few years since I used it – and I will create more content on the what and how as I go along. 

India Wedding

Learning to use iMovie

When our wedding video arrived and it wasn't to our style. I set out to create something a bit more "us". Queue the internet and iMovie to create it.

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Learning iMovie
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Learning to use iMovie

India Wedding

We received our wedding video edited but we asked for all of the footage and I am working on making my own edits. I know it is going to be difficult for me, I have never used editing software. I don’t know how to layer sounds. To start to understand what I need, I used the iMovie wizard to create a trailer. We only got our wedding video not a teaser or trailer. It didn’t take long to make for a first attempt but for something I am happy with, I think it will take me months.

We have so much footage. So many different things happening. To reduce it down to something cohesive and watchable will be difficult for me. I am enjoying watching all of the out takes and generally remembering the day.

So here it is.

Lupe, this is for you.

iMovie Trailer – template

Enjoy and I look forward to hearing your feedback on it!

My first attempt at any video editing ever. I followed the template for the movie trailer “love story” in iMovie. It was easy and if I had been through all the videos and picked what I wanted to use ahead of time it would have been fast using iMovie but as I was looking and loading things in from the memory stick it did take me half a day to create it. I was really upset that I couldn’t do much with the sound, other than mute my own clips.

Googling to learn

Google and youtube videos taught me some amazing things. Everything was so simple, I just needed to know it was there. Others have already created “how to” blogs and videos so I googled the key terms for what I wanted to learn – how to add music to iMovie. I thought I HAD to use what was loaded in. I learnt not only can I remove what is there, I can add in many of my own layers. Watching the tutorials I learnt how to fade sound in and out, how to manually soften the volume.

There was even a function to slow or speed up the footage and most importantly youtube showed me how to detach the sound from the video so I could have voice overs playing.

I spent a day googling, youtubing and practicing the skills on my own video.

I was excited to show Triston what I had done. When he got home, his comments were really focussed on the camera shake where videos were filmed free hand. This was so annoying. I spent all day learning things and his first comment is about something not only can I not fix but I didn’t create. So I sulked a bit overnight and then googled how you might get rid of shake in film.

Yes to youtube

There was a wonderful youtube tutorial on this software and plug in you could download. I was happy, it looked like the shake could be removed but I couldn’t be bothered to download the software just yet. So I went back to iMovie and was going to share what I had before I deleted it to start the real one. I need to get real music as well.

As I get this website updates, I will post my own videos on the basics. It wasn’t as hard as I thought and I realise now that I have been pretty naive to think some features didn’t exist. Google, youtube and those who had gone before me were a great help.

I had a lot of fun playing on this learning edit. To get some atmosphere music I recorded what was playing thought the microphone record in iMovie. This app really does seem to have everything I need, for an amateur edit of a wedding video. It is time consuming but the time also flies by because it is really fun and I am learning a new skill. I don’t know I will ever need it again but now I get to make multiple movies with different themes so it is exciting times.

iMovie full project mode

The edit where I am practicing my skills is:

I did find the voice clips to include nice things about Triston. I decided as this was just a learning tool that I had learnt enough. There was no more disk space on my computer so I wanted to save and delete the project to create the room required on my laptop to make the real version or a more planned version. This one was still my original template but I added more content, changed some, put sound in, used slow mo and speed up, shake reduction etc so there wasn’t a point in making this to the full video as it wasn’t what I wanted anyway.

Secrets of India are the tour company we used to plan our trip and wedding.

So after a month of editing this is what I came up with. We had issues with sound because the project played the levels differently than the theatre/completed item. I haven’t run this through the sound checks to adjust as needed to meet the needs of the tv. I will, then I can save the file and delete the project to move on to the next.

This is the low res version.

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