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Lesson 2

So, after my biopsy and results on Tuesday, I did still go to my lesson. I thought I was going to be distracted. I was a little but I really enjoyed the class.

My homework is… a lot more words actually but also the next class isn’t until Monday next week due to a public holiday today (Class is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday). I get extra time to learn these things. Yay. I might skip ahead and learn the next set also. I need to make sure I learn all of these things so I don’t fall behind. It is the intensive class after all so I need to focus a lot.

Yes, I type out my lessons so that I can learn to touch type. Haha. I don’t have the Korean alphabet letters marked on my keyboard so I have to memorise them which means it will always be touch typing. I am getting decent at it now. I touch type in English anyway and rarely look at the keyboard. I want to practice typing as much as possible to slowly learn where the letters are in Korean as well.

Here we go.
Current homework:
Skirt: 치마
Piano: 피아노
Elephant: 코끼리
Ticket: 표
Rabbit: 토끼
Kiss: 뽀뽀
Ski/Skiing: 스키
Sofa: 소파
Tea: 차
(credit) Card: 카드
Train: 기차
Magpie: 까치
Coat: 코트
Tomato: 토마토
Busy: 바빠요
Hurt/ill/painful: 아파요
Expensive: 비싸요
An extra word was cheap – 싸요

Old homework (because revision… it is memorisation basically):
Hat: 모자
Bus: 버스
Earth: 지구
Hippo: 하마
Yoga: 요가
Lion: 사자
Iron: 다리미
Mother: 어머니
Banana: 바나나
Bridge: 다리
Tissue: 휴지
Furniture: 가구

Plus lesson one example words:
Who: 누구
Juice: 주스
Father: 아버지
Female: 여자

Ok. So. Now I need to learn more so that Mondays lesson is easier because the time between the lessons will be changed from the original plan and it might make Tuesdays lesson really hard … not sure. Maybe it will be ok. Mostly I have learned all this stuff anyway but not be heart. I have just watched lessons online half distracted but even half distracted is ok. I still learned some of the things.

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