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Lesson prep 27 May

Ok, I can’t really say homework because I kind of didn’t really feel like it so I didn’t do it…. and the lesson is today so I need to know some of these words. I believe.

I have a lot of questions about things we learned in unit 1 because… well… the more you learn the more you realise you didn’t learn something properly or completely at the start because you didn’t know what there was to miss along the way.

So. Some simple things like blending vowel sounds… I will ask that today. I did as my online teacher back in March but she didn’t really answer it in a way that helped me understand and now there are a lot more sounds that appear to be blended so I have more examples and can make the question clearer.

The concept we are covering this week, I pretty much get because I studied that already but it is the vocabulary that I need to keep up with and I need to be able to read faster and more clearly – if I can’t say it in my head correctly I don’t have much chance to say it out loud correctly.

Ok. Here we go again. Words. Nationalities, occupation and ‘others’ (lol)…

Korea 한국
Malaysia 말라이시아
Thailand 태국
Taiwan 대만
Vietnam 베트남
China 중국
UK 영국
Canada 캐나다
Russia 라시아
India 인도
Singapore 싱가포르
Phillines 필리핀
Indonesia 인도네시아
Japan 일본
Germany 독일
USA 미국
France 프랑스
Australia 호주

Language = country + 어 except for English it is 영어
Nationality = country + 사람 (country + person = person from that country = nationality)

Teacher 선생님
Student 학생
Company employee 회사원
Accountant 회계사
Engineer 엔지니어
Designer 디자이너
Doctor 의사
Nurse 간호사
Actor 배우
Singer 가수
Bank clerk 은행원
Lawyer 변호사
Flight attendant 승무원
Researcher 연구원
Chef 요리사
Reporter 기자

I 자
Name 이름
Here 여기
Our 우리
Country 나라
Person 사람
Mrs/Mr/Ms 씨
Honorific version of “This Person” 이분
Which 어느
Occupation 직업

Ok those are my words from Monday and Tuesday. I have a test today on the Occupation and others.

Concept of topic marking particles was also covered. I think this will be easier to translate one way but not so easy the other. Time will tell.

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