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Little house

Last night Triston told me that on Sunday he complained to the government body in Singapore about noise.

When we looked at moving to this apartment we could hear the generator for the office/workers quarters now on the building site behind us.

He complained about the noise of the generator because it is all night long and it is over a certain level of decibels with two sets of windows closed, one set is double glazed.

Today, a little house was built. It wasn’t finished completely but they built the frame and put on a sound shield roof. I watched them build it, thinking it was a great idea. Not knowing it was from Mr Complains-a-lot. They were probably looking up at me, looking down at them, thinking I was the complainer. I didn’t even know a complaint was lodged.

They managed to get just one side sheet of paneling on before knock off, but it did make a decent difference. The sound wall is not complete just yet. They tried to get that done before lock down, emerging from lockdown they are playing a catch up game. Likely without all of their staff able to work on site yet.

So, Triston complained on Sunday, to a Government body. They called him today, this evening a house was built to reduce the sound.

How crazy efficient is that!

Yeah, we like it, we like living here. I feel slightly awkward about it because I don’t think we should be making any waves as visa holders who are applying to renew a visa but the efficiency is incredibly impressive.

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